Wild or Farmed?

Living a health conscience life-style can sometimes be quite challenging. The weekly trips to the grocery store in the past may have taken forty-five minutes. However, with the not so recent revelations of the FDA’s lack of interest in public safety, the trips to the grocery store are more in-tuned to a trip, to the library, taking up three to four hours. We as consumers have become health-food advocates and research analyst for our friends and family, helping to protecting them from known toxins allowed to exist in the foods our body consumes.

Those of us who are concerned have become increasingly more aware everyday. We Know that the FDA is looking the other way while their palms are being greased with special interest dollars and the GMOs of the world lack sincere empathy or concern for the human condition. Their main objective is who and what they can control. So now they want to control Mother Nature, she is no longer good enough for our families dinner table. Man must intervene with his concoction of illness, deformities and death. These corporations operate freely, allowing toxins such as growth hormones, pesticides, polluted water, and other un-healthy conditions, which are maintained in the housing and in-humane treatment in the slaughtering of animals.

Our grains, fruits and vegetables are not the same as our grandmother’s twice removed were. The seeds for todays and future produce – if not farmed organically are scientifically altered. When this “SOYLENT GREEN” is harvested it last longer, the colors are vibrant and pretty. The produce may even be juicier and taste sweeter. However, the “natural nutritional” components have been altered by laboratory chemical process replacing the natural, with artificial, man-made synthetics and totally UN-NATURAL; All done with the government’s blessing and without consequence. I call this Domestic Abuse Perpetrated On Produce or (D.A.P.P) by the GMOs, kicking and slapping Mother Nature to the Curb and M.N. deemed as USELESS. This practice has now become business as usual across our great nation and world-wide.

We also have become aware there are two type-categories when it comes to the way fish are caught and how fish are contained for human consumption. One type is ‘WILD’ the other typed ‘FARMED’. The “wild” fish are free to swim in spacious lakes, streams, rivers and oceans therefore, only minute traces of minerals such as lead can be found in lakes and rivers. Within the constant flow and circulation of these waters, there will not be large or harmful concentrations of toxins that can pose a health risk to you or your family. The other type is ‘Farmed’. Here you an overpopulated crowded environment. These contained fish are literally living on top of and side by side each other in cages, swimming in their own excrement. One type of maladies that are born in these conditions are sea lice. Sea Lice are in an abundant supply and must be treated using very strong concentrations of antibiotics. The fish this affects are: Salmon, Cod, Flounder and Halibut etc. The fish and shell fish having high and dangerous levels of lead are catfish and (exoskeleton-bearing aquatic invertebrates) or crustaceans, which are then passed on to the consumer’s dinner table.

Genetic Engineering of the world’s population’s consumables are laid wide across the table. We, the consuming public must educate ourselves. For the “POWERS THAT BE” no longer have a vested interest in public health and do not feel, it is their ethical duty to be honest and forthright to it’s citizenry. Therefore, I implore that when you go into the grocery store, put on your thinking cap as if preparing for a final exam and read labels. Know what the code ingredient names are, example: Sugar (fructose), and when you go to purchase fresh fish scan and train your eye for the label ‘Wild’ or Farmed.


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