The Virtual World Traveler – Iguazu Falls


Here we are at the amazing Iguazu Falls in Brazil, extraordinary amounts of water seen cascading down the sides of these majestic  mountains standing beautifully, relegated only to Mother Nature’s sculpting perfection. You can feel and hear the falls audacious power, the shrubs and plant life growing out from the rocks go undisturbed, welcoming a constant shower of crystal hydration.

The Iquazu Falls stretch upward to 165 ft. (50m); however, Victoria Falls located in Southern Africa, the Iquazu Falls must take a step back in respect to her grandeur; with an outreaching height of 5,249 ft. (1,600m). Still the Iquazu Falls are breathtaking and you come to realize just how small and weak we, as humans really are, when compared to this great and wondrous force of nature called Iquazu Falls.

Our next journey will be to the “Grandest” of all, Victoria Falls. Get your rest and join me tomorrow as we travel virtually to more new and exciting destinations.


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