The Virtual World Traveler – Victoria Falls

 Victoria Falls – Mosioa Tunya

The Smoke That Thunders

Today we will be flying over the grandest falls of all, Victoria Falls. We’ll see the water as it flows down the Zambia River, then careening over its cliffs edges into sheets of powerful lucidity. Let’s fasten our seat belts for another extraordinary ride to discovery.

Victory Falls named by David Livingston in November 16, 1855, in honor of England’s Queen Victoria. Victoria Falls “The Seventh Wonder of The World,” is only one, of the largest falls in the world.  There are five separate falls that make up all of Victoria: The Devil’s Cataract, Horseshoe, The Main fall, Rainbow and the Eastern Cataract.

The fall’s mist rises to over 500 meters, delivering a hydrophilic cloud giving it the name Mosioa’ Tunya, “The Smoke That Thunders,” and can be seen as far away as 20 kl.  The cresting of the watery plume sprays outwardly benefiting the sub forest – known as the rain forest.

Here in this tropical paradise, Ebony and Mahogany trees grow and colorful ground flowers dart the land scape, where small animals such as deer and monkeys enjoy the moist environment and the green vegetation.

Tomorrow we will travel to Zambia and experience the cultural art, food landscape and its people. Don’t unpack, we have a lot of traveling to do.


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