Meet Adisa’s Character – Untitled Novel

By Clover Jernesy

      Adisa Moore in my untitled novel is one of the main and most important characters of my story line. He was born in Galveston, Texas, September 23, 1937 to John and Ella Moore, their one and only son. Adisa was an ambitious child always experimenting and trying new things which were far advanced for his age. As Adisa grew so did his talents; he was extremely smart in math and science and was an accomplished athlete in track and basketball.

     He possesses a personality, where he is instantly liked by everyone he meets; teachers found him enthusiastic and never backing down from a challenge, pastors were left scratching their heads from the deep questions he would pose which debunked some of the stories in the bible, which were contradictory to scientific facts, yet he earned their respect and admiration because of his sincere kindness and moral upbringing. His peers rallied around Adisa,  because of his humor and willingness to always be there for them, no matter what, for he considered them his friends.

     By the time Adisa was fourteen he already stood shoulders above most of his peers at 5’11 and weighed 140 lbs.  Adisa,  is a very handsome youngster with black wavy hair, amber brown, deep-set eyes and a dark, reddish-brown complexion that he acquired from his mother’s West Indies side of the family. His dimples penetrate each side of his ultra – smooth face and, while no one in the family could figure out what side of the family these dimples came from, he was his father’s son and carried John’s physique, smile, hands, feet and mannerisms to an undeniable T.

     Adisa  focus was on being successful in every aspect of his life although, many obstacles would  come his way that would threaten his career, reputation, his life and the life of his family. These challenges will  cause him much distress, anxiety and pain.,  but not before, experiencing happiness, joy, an acknowledgement within the schematics of academia and the scientific community.



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