Positive Re-enforcements

Positive Re-enforcements

Yesterday, I was  emotionally under a cloud of despair; I could not put my finger on why I felt this way but, when I do, I put on Deepak Chopra, and for two to three minutes I meditate, which usually brings me the clarity I was seeking  accompanied with a plan of action for  getting me back to my positive, creative self. I realized that everything that goes on with me, comes from within, this includes my outer surroundings. The who, what, when where, why and how of my day’s interactions.  The Alpha and Omega of my life’s experiences all begin and end with SELF. Therefore, as I recognize how negative things impact my world,  I will consciously seek to surround myself with like minds engaging in conversations that will lead to a destination somewhere other than a dark ravine of hopelessness. I will envision African drums beats which resonate the spirits of my ancestors and my royal lineage. I will laugh as a child loud and bold, I will flaunt my womanly beauty without restraint, but only for my husband. And when these small nuances of doubt unconsciously creep into my psyche; I will remember to reflect the powerful energy of the universe and allow the wonderful, magnetic, vibrations to lift me once again to unimaginable heights.


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