Bringing Dreams to Fruition

                 Bringing Dreams to Fruition

The law of attraction tells me that I can have this house. I would absolutely love living in this house. My family and friends would love this house. I can see my Bentley, sitting in the driveway in front of this house and better, yet a Chauffer driven Bentley in front of my Mansion. Yea, yea that’s the ticket.
The law of attraction works and it has worked for me in the past. I saw it, I envisioned owning it, and I knew one day this (not can be), “it is”… mine. I saw myself driving a 1993 Eldorado Cadillac in 2003, why? Because I loved the elegant lines and style and having driven a friend’s caddy when my car was on the blink and in the shop getting fixed, I was able to experience the quality of the American made luxury vehicle and have been sold on them every sense.
One day I went shopping for a new car I wanted my envisioned caddy, but had placed it on the back burner, when I saw the 2003 Sebring. I fell instantly in love with this car; unfortunately it was way out of my comfortable zone of what I wanted to pay, so there I was looking. The salesman asked “Is there any other car I would be interested in?” I said, “A 1993 Eldorado Cadillac”. He said “I think we have one on the back lot just brought in last week.” I said “Really!”
The salesman starts walking to the back lot and there she was just as I had envisioned; an aqua green, shining like new, in pristine condition. The leather seats looked as no one had ever sat on them. The engine clean as a whistle and when I drove it, you could not even tell we were moving, so smooth it was simply divine. Then the kicker $14,500 and it was mine. Although, I now drive a Deville; I still have my 1993 Cadillac I envisioned owning back in 2003.


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