Meet Thomas Creighton-The Creighton Manor

Untitled Novel* First Chapter * Notes

Meet Thomas Creighton-The Creighton Manor

By Clover Jernesy

Mr. Thomas Creighton a wealthy gentleman, forty-five years of age and never married is described as tall, dark and handsome. Thomas stood six ft. and three inches, a medium build that displayed a muscular frame. He sported thick dark eyebrows with dark brown eyes that are captivating, as the slant at the corners, leaving one to think he may have been of Asian descent once removed.

The cleft in the middle of his chin added to his attractiveness and although he had a chest, so hairy that a bird would find its home comfortable for nesting, he preferred his face to be clean shaven.

Thomas is meticulous in his professional and casual appearance; confidence oozed from his very presence no matter where or who’s company he found himself. No one would have ever guessed Thomas came from humbled beginnings.

When Thomas dropped out of school in the ninth grade, it was to help his divorced mother pay bills, once she tired of her husband’s physical and mental abuse. Through Thomas’s various jobs, he learned the tricks of the trade in finance and entrepreneurship. These two attributes, when accompanied with his engaging looks and personality  proved that by him knowing who to talk to and who to connect with was better, than any high school education he could have received.

Creighton Manor:

Built in 1935 and positioned on fifteen acres of prime real-estate in Dallas, Texas suburbia.  The mansion itself was integrated with Italian marble and Alabaster stone imported from Morocco. A truly palatial work of masterful artistry, which opens up unto a lush green estate lawn, decorated with American Beauty roses yellow, red and pink; along the pathway leading to the Olympic size pool around and to the back of the manor.

The blue spruce pine trees stand majestically,  towering over the height of the manor aligning  the driveway toward a ten foot black rod iron security gate flanked by two Alabaster twelve foot columns. These gates opened by a special code entered on the manor’s indoor security monitor or on the dash board consul of the  limousine.

Upon entering the mansion through a seven ft. rich mahogany, double door. The spacious foyer directs you to go left or right down the separating hallways leading to the living and entertainment area if you go right and to the kitchen, food preparation and dining area if you go left.

Straight ahead is the double half moon, marble staircase and on either side  brass railings hand crafted per Thomas’s instruction that lead  to heavenly sleep and personal down-time.This is where Thomas’s Red Wood  retreat is located.

There are eight master bedrooms with each containing a walk in closet, which could double for an apartment’s average sized living room. And sense Mr. Creighton has no wife or children his staff of housekeepers, landscapers, chauffeur and chefs occupy these rooms to their delight.

The furnishings and décor are done in contemporary elegance. Large portraits, of famous pieces by Picasso, Kandiski and O’Keefe hung for view, Ming vases dotted in and out on various complimentary nooks, book shelves from floor to ceiling and marble tables framed in hammered brass. This bringing attention to Thomas’s, appreciation for fine art… Continued in  book notes


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