What a Wonderful World

The following bullet points of events that happen locally and across this great planet called earth are quite disturbing. We tune in to check the weather or what highways may be jammed, causing us to take alternative routes to work etc. The sport fans check scores for bragging rights on who beat who, for entertainment we check to see what Beyoncé is wearing and what is Madonna saying that will inevitably get her into trouble? And let’s not forget POLITICS, which is a stomach turning experience of voyeurism in of it-self.

Each news venue in order to stay at the top must see high ratings of viewers tuning in; so what must they do to maintain the upper-hand? “Sensationalism,” by using trickery and manipulation of our world news, they garnish for indelible impact.   We are pulled in by the: violence, greed, corruption, indecency, and the failed workings of government.

Intrigue, yes some of us are addicted to taking our daily dose once a day, twice a day in the morning and at night allowing these heightened stories to come into our loving (some dysfunctional to a human fault), homes through the airwaves of news media. This is not to say these sometime horrific events are not happening, because we know they do, but to what extent when compared to all the other “GREAT” news stories and positive life changing events in and around the world.

If you would like to scroll pass the bullet points you may do so now. Click the link and you will be transported to a dimensional illusion of wishing how life could be, without the maladies that exist within the human condition and the news networks around “The Big Blue Marble” and what it would be like to live in a Wonderful World.

  • From Utah a mother drowns her five children
  • Ohio a man enters the school with an AR15 and guns down third-graders
  • Afghanistan a suicide bomber kills thirty to fifty in market
  • Ohio man imprisons three girls over ten years
  • Chicago A weekend of gang violence kills 45
  • Washington NSA under investigation for wiretapping American Citizens
  • Las Vegas Rapper gunned down, innocent cab driver and passenger killed
  • Fort Brag A Major guns down fellow soldiers.


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