Would You Tell Me?



 Clover  Jernesy

Would you tell me if something I wrote was boring; would you tell me that the material lacked an uninteresting story line, with uninteresting characters, bad sentence structure, an embedded with bad grammar?

Would you relegate me to the back of your mind and ignore my name when you see a new post from me? Can you not envision that I am striving to do better with each post that I write? I dig deep into my soul to give my audience a piece of myself, so I can share my life experiences, journeys, triumphs and failures; what makes me cry and what makes me happy.

I want you to know me and how I see and understand things. I love reading your post and traveling with you, through photographs and trips to far and different lands, sharing your joys, pains frustrations and successes. May I have that from you as well and if not, what must I do?  I hope that soon my novel will be complete, edited and ready for online distribution, positioned in retail stores; library shelves an acclaimed, as “A Best Seller.”

I humble myself before your literary genius, I recognize and acknowledge in affirmation your knowledge, your skill and your talent of story telling  you so graciously share with the world. May I join you; will you allow me to be one with you an author, and a novelist.

If so I need your constructive criticism, you will not find an ego here. I accept life as a journey and each path we take, we will inevitably need to be shown the right road that we do not lose our way. I open my mind that new knowledge can be poured inside, realizing it will never be filled to the top.

A wise man once told me, “Live your life, as if you know nothing and receive knowledge that you will become something.” So I ask you. “Will you tell me, if what I write is boring and uninteresting; may I join you on your literary journey that I too can share my interesting stories, with captivating characters arriving at my destination.


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