The Virtual Traveler

 The Gateway To Loving Yourself

Hello and welcome again to the Virtual Traveler. Together we have explored far and distant lands, our vision held in awe as our hearts synchronized and skip a beat.

Our senses have been titillated at the Creator’s masterful artistry, and the beautiful scenery laid out on the indelible canvas displayed for our viewing.

Today I want to take you not far and, yet maybe farther, than you have ever dared to go before; to a supreme destination that only one eye, one consciousness and one body can experience and interpret for them-selves.

The only suggestion for this journey is that you reach your destination with a clearer view than you have had before. Now if you are ready, take a deep breath in… say “sum,” and when you exhale say “hum,” let the light enter your Pineal gland or (Third Eye) and enjoy. Are you ready?  Let’s go. Namaste’


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