Mango Unchained

 Mango Unchained

The Delicious Mango

What you are looking at is a very large Mango I had for breakfast after taking three bites from it; I knew I had to share, with you the delectable juicy and flavorful sweetness of this tropical fruit the Mango.

It was the sweetness of the Mango which aroused my curiosity of whether or not this extraordinarily sweet fruit was good for me and my efforts to keep the sugar and fat content in my diet down and what I found made me deliriously very happy.

The Mango I have found is permeated with nutritional benefits that no less helps decrease body fat of and glucose. The leptin hormone is like eating a gate-keeper that tells your brain. “You have had enough to eat; so shut it down.

“According to Lucas, mango contains nutrients and other bioactive compounds that provide various health benefits. The findings demonstrated mango flesh to be a promising alternative to lipid lowering drugs. Mango was seen to affect several factors involved in fat metabolism as it reduces the circulating level of the hormone leptin.”

“Leptin is produced by fat cells and its concentration in the blood is directly proportional to the body fat content. As body fat stores increase, the levels of leptin also increase. Leptin plays a key role in regulation of appetite. In the study, mice receiving high fat diets containing mango had significantly lower levels of leptin than mice eating the high fat diet alone. In addition to the positive effects of mango on body fat, the mango-containing diets also exhibited glucose lowering properties.”

Leptin is a naturally occurring chemical substance that many organisms produce in response to increasing fat content in the body. In essence, it is the substance that tells the brain the body is well nourished and can stop eating, thus functioning as a natural regulator of body weight.

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