Staying in the Loop

Plugged In

Feel My Electricity

By Ja’Nala Mamdu

Get Plugged In

How exciting an exhilarating, I have joined Empower Network. I have not felt this  energized  since retiring from my corporate position with a major communications entity and  turning my part-time business into a full-time skin-care business three years ago.

I have three blogs in progress, researching skin care techniques, definitions and mapping out where I want to take My Virtual World Traveler Journey Blog next. Maybe San Paolo or Australia or the white sandy beaches of Cancun Mexico. One thing for sure, the borders are wide open.

I then checked in with my Empower sponsor and received helpful links to help me navigate through the maze of information needed to be successful and plugged into my new venture.

I must work smart and not hard, I don’t want to get overwhelmed and become frustrated; there is so much information shared through videos and testimonials. I just need to stay Plugged in,  plugged in, plugged in…

I got up from bed and went into my bathroom for a drink of water. I need to plug in my facial steamer, when I am done writing and researching; I want to relax with a nice facial. Don’t forget the wax pot it needs to be plugged in as well, today I am doing my arms. My cell phone rings and it’s my daughter complaining of the heat and she is calling out to her son telling him to plug in the fan.

I go downstairs and something is quite strange. There is a man sitting at my breakfast nook with cut off shorts and a scruffy beard looking up at me and hollers out, “Do you want a cup of coffee.”  I usually drink hot tea… but yes, this morning I will have a cup of Joe. A cup of Joe, did that just come out of my mouth; who talks like that, I certainly don’t? “Plug in the coffee maker directs the other one sitting with elf ears and hobbit feet. “We can’t have a good cup of hot coffee without it being plugged in.”

Everyone or everything who is sitting at my breakfast table stands and cheers in agreement. A green lady with an elephant’s trunk uses it to point toward the side balcony door after plugging in the coffee maker and toaster.  “Your husband is outside plugging in the grill.” What! We don’t have a grill and if we did I would be plugging it in not my husband. Now yelling at the top of my voice “Who are you characters?”

As I rush to the side of the house, I see my husband plugging in the grill that we do not have… funny my husband looks like Terry Cruse and is wearing the same silly smirk on his face he wore in White Chicks, blowing a whistle and dancing with a lady on stilts that have outlets running up and down the length of the stilts. The other dancers all have plugs in their hands pushing them into the stilts. “The room erupts with a song “Are You Plugged in, yet”

I feel a light nudge on my shoulder. It is my husband saying, “baby wake up” you are going to get a crook in your neck sleeping in the chair like that. Wiping the drool from the corner of my mouth I sat there for a minute, realizing I had fallen asleep with the message fresh in my subconscious mind “to be plugged in” as suggested by the many speakers in the Empowerment videos and how important it truly is to be plugged in, for staying in the loop and following your sponsors lead.

This new business adventure is my baby to nurse and care for,  to watch it grow and mature into something, I will be proud to put my name behind.


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