Monkey Insults

Monkey Insults

This little fella is so cute and adorable, yet there are people that want to use the monkey to insult other races of people. These people have the chirps down packed and other traits that monkeys do and they think by doing these antics they are hurting the subject of their negative attention. Why am I speaking on this? As an African American woman I embrace my cultural heritage, my brown skin, my kinky hair and broad features endowed as an original creation.

The other day, while I was sitting in the sauna a few middle – aged ladies came in and sat down. Immediately they zeroed in on a rather large gentleman, which I suspect was a sumo wrestler, because of the braid in the back and his head and the meditative posture he maintained, with his eyes closed and the fact he was Asian. Now, understand these women were not small by any means. I was thinking how the U.S., is really a United Nations all its own, with so many different nationalities and foreign speaking individuals. Why just in that moment sitting in the sauna were: Hispanics, African Americans, Asians, Caucasians, Indians, and Somalis.

These women started shaking their heads, looking at everyone frowning and speaking in a dialect I have seldom heard. I wondered if they spoke English. So being me, I asked “where are you from?” And one said “they are from Russia, but I live here”, with distain in her voice while she was speaking to me. She rolled her eyes and continued speaking Russian with the other ladies.

I have heard stories of racism that exist in Russia and just figured that, they have brought their baggage with them. My main goal and purpose for using the sauna is to relax after a good workout; I was not going to let negative vibes interfere with that. I lay down and soon heard the ladies get up and leave. Now I have a good sweat going and it is time to cool-down before showering and getting dressed.

I go out to the tiled bench area where the swimming pool is located and by this time, I have taken the towel from around my beautiful kinky hair. I close my eyes and soon, I start hearing monkey noises. If you have ever been to the zoo or watched a wild life program on television, then you know what monkey noises sound like. I tell myself don’t acknowledge them, they are being silly, but curiosity got the best of me. I opened my eyes and looked in the direction where the sounds were coming from. The three, middle-aged Russian women, if their eyes were cruise missiles, I would have been blown up right there. As soon as my eyes met theirs, they looked away as if talking to one another while snick ling. I thought of so many things at that moment, but thank my good sense for not acting on them.


4 responses to “Monkey Insults

  1. Wow, that’s crazy, and so cruel 😦 It doesn’t matter what country/culture you’re from, or what race you are, keep your hate at home and don’t subject others to your insults. I guess no matter how old some people are, they will never grow up. Karma 🙂

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