Memories – Gratitude

Memories - Gratitude

A Letter to Mom
From Her Daughter

Written May 2000

Today, I was envisioning how pleasurable my trip to the Bahamas is going to be. Making the arrangements and getting the best all-inclusive deal as possible. I looked-up the information on-line but, then thought I should speak to a travel agent with AAA auto for a better deal. I did not want to pay cash, so I needed the credit card that I never use except to pay off a student loan, but where did I put it?

I began looking in files, purses and shoe boxes; places I put things when attempting to hide something from myself, knowing always that I will remember where I put them. Well, darn let me look in my banking files. As I am flipping through them I come across a file turned upside down, I opened it and saw a letter that I had wrote to my mother after she had a heart-attack resulting in her having a triple by-pass surgery at the age of seventy-six.

Amazed, that she had kept this letter and had taped it to the back of a file folder, with my baby picture taped to it. I must have been two or three months old, lying on a blanket in the grass; I am thinking it may have been in the park. The City Park was always the studio of choice for family pictures. Reading this letter brought a flood of emotions in remembering what my mom had gone through and what a fighter she was and it read:

Janis A. Ingram

“I was watching television the other night and many people were gathered, telling of the love and admiration they had for this particular lady. The words were beautifully said and some of the stories that were told were, full of humor that would have the lady laughing. The only problem you see, the lady they were mentioning had died and they were speaking at her funeral.

I thought how nice it would have been for the lady to have heard all the nice words, and to have shared in the laughter concerning her life’s adventures. At that moment, I made up my mind to tell my mother, the one who raised me to be a lady, who gave me the style people are always complimenting me on, from the way I dressed, comb my hair, an essentially my over-all grooming. The way I walk with a feminine sway, the respectable way of entering a room and speaking; I contribute it all to my mother for you are the original and owe so much for care and love that you have shown me over the years.

I learned to stand up for myself and be strong in the face of adversity because of your strength. The care you have shown your family with the sincerest love only God can reflect. Mother, I tell you these things now, because I want you to know how special you are to me. I love your spirit, your humor and your smile.
I am happy and so very blessed that you are able to see and read these words I feel in my heart. I am celebrating your return to my life and I love you very much. God has showered you with a blessing of new life and has blessed all of us with your presence.

Your daughter always,


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