The Virtual World Traveler

The Virtual World Traveler

Detoxing Your Mind – Meditation 360

I am on a remarkable journey of relaxation and peace. I envision my life happy beyond measure, full of joy, love and laughter, surrounded by the tropical sunlight. As the ocean’s shimmering waves are reflecting the setting of the sun, capturing the orange and blues of its limitless range, I feel my love pouring out to the universe.

I am immersed in the serene measure of timelessness. Come, and join me, it is a priceless trip. I am weightless both physically and mentally only the whisper of divinity possesses my being. A sweet aroma of calm engulfs my surroundings; I feel the breath of angels light and airy, falling down, penetrating my body and once again, I am in tuned, with the universe. Namaste’


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