The Missing Link

abu_simbel_front_The Virtual World Traveler

Inside Abu Simbel

The Movement of Abu Simbel 2

 Standing amongst these giants of monumental stature and peering up into the large lifless eyes of Amun Ra.  He sits in the abyss of an ancient time gone by, alongside the lifeless sand-lime stone Gods; I can’t help but imagine what life was really like to have lived in this fantastic era of Great Kings, Queens, Gods and Goddesses. The grandness of the halls with hieroglyphics sketched into the enormous an overwhelming slate of the past.

Was living in Ancient Kemet a time when living was easy and life was equitable in daily practices and the distribution of resources; were they in abundance an enjoyed by all? Or was it a Pharonic society, where the ruler was an egotistical tyrant catering to the haves and ignoring the have not (s) leaving them to their own devices to languish in the hot unforgiving sun?

I can only wish that this was a time where a great ancient civilization, shared its wealth and abundance, with its entire people under the guise of Ra.  It is believed that Ramses II (Ramesu), had Abu Simbel two,  built for his favorite wife and daughter, Nefertari. The first Abu Simbel Temple was dedicated to three gods (Ptah, Amun, Ra-Horakhty).

We were told by our tour guide, how and why this gigantic monument temple # two, was moved from its original location. Each year, the Nile River was rising higher and higher threatening, to overtake this gigantic, ancient formation which is situated on the west bank of the river Nile, on the outskirts of the city of Thebes. On April 1966, after the rest of the structure was relocated, the feet were moved and four months later the water surged over the site that was the resting place of Abu Simbel Temple.

The isle of Philae also had to be rescued but some of the structures were already submerged. The Diocletian Gates, were successfully rescued by floating the large stone blocks which weighed ½ tons to the surface by using canvas lifting bags and filling them with air.  The entire project of dismantling, moving and reassembling Abu Simbel was undertaken from October 10, 1965 to October 31, 1968.

This entire journey was one of exciting, amazement and clarity. I have enjoyed this virtual trip to my ancestral link, the cradle of  civilization.  I invite you to click the link below and venture into the ancient past; discover an experience a time when life was lived in its grandest form… Imhotep!


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