Bouncing Back

  Hitting a Wall

By Ja’Nala

I awake in the morning, meditate and I, am feeling good. I find the outfit that I know is going to make me feel like


ImageThe sun is shining and I have a smile for everyone, I meet.  I hop into my JXK, put my foot to the metal and I’m moving… rolling 50, 60, 70 miles an hour; the wind is blowing across my face, as I embrace the open road, then all of sudden a dog appears out of nowhere onto the road. I swerve to keep from injuring or killing it and hit a pot hole; I lose control and hit a wall. I sit there, thankful I am alive and that I did not hit any other car or person. Smoke is billowing out and up from the engine… I am shaken. My “golden” day has come to a crashing halt.

Physically uninjured, I return home, go into bedroom and undress. My psychological being is in a state of emotional distress and discombobulated, unable to get it together.

I need to get my car fixed, but I have no ambition and my motivation has become null. I put all my enthusiasm in the moment and saving nothing for the what- if.  Therefore, feeling spent, without receiving any change back, I moped around until I got so bored, I lied down and wished for temporary unconsciousness.

*The above scenario is not real, nor is it a re-enactment, yet it is how I felt after putting  so much work into my business plan and losing it to a bad systems registry  in Windows 7. Who do I blame? No one but myself, why?

1). for doing it online and not first writing it in Word and backing it up with a thumb drive.

2). for not having my systems checked long before, I undertook the endeavor of doing the plan and when I first noticed incompatibilities existed between the programs.

3). for being in denial that bad things can, and do happen to good people.

4) For being overly excited for the future prospects, leading with my heart instead of my brain and for failing to shore up my computer’s infrastructure.

The first thing was to get my computer a diagnostic check-up; fix the registry, remove viruses, malware, junk files, an unnecessary security software, as well, as expired software. I learned that although there is expired software on your system, it can still run interference with the current software, rendering it ineffective and needs to be removed.

Now, that I have given myself time to grieve over my lost business plan, my emotional state is once again in alignment with the universe’s vibrations. I started to feel more energized and determined to begin writing the business plan, and finished it. I must tell you, I did not get to this point alone.

Once I had gathered my thoughts, I needed to get some fire into my mental furnace and that is where the Prosperity Team’s Inner-Circle Hang Out came into play.  I decided to tune in and listen. I gained motivation an admiration from the strength and determination from the stories that were being shared.

No time for pity parties it was a matter of fact-ness of getting things done and not looking back, nothing was going to stop them. If you ever think you have it rough, just peer over into someone else’s life and you will see how blessed your life truly is.

There are some that may say losing the business plan was just a hiccup in the process, and while that may be true for them; it is not so much for me. I will deal with why things impact me so emotionally to the point, I literally want to disappear. This is something I definitely have to work on in the coming weeks.

I recognize that depending on one’s self is much more important, than depending on anyone else. No one volunteered to re-do the plan, and the universe did not magically make it reappear. I had to do it; no one was going to redo it for me.

It is your face you have to look into every day and your words that go out into the universe. Allow those words to be a positive reinforcement, which will reflect back the manifestation of success you are seeking and desire for your life.

It is nice to know that, there are ears willing to listen and to share their knowledge, so you too can start “Living Your Life Like its Golden”.


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