One Love

One Love

By Ja’Nala


Each day I open my eyes, I know I have been catapulted into a new reality of life. My feet hit the floor with grace,

and, I know, I am alive. Thankful for a beating heart, a mind that thinks and reasons logically, and limbs that move without pain or restrictions.

Basia, our cat who is more like our child, sits at the door patiently, waiting for it to open. Her early morning meows of “feed me I’m hungry” echo throughout the house.  We together go downstairs, Basia in front, zig zagging and making me stop in my descent, grabbing the hand rail to avoid tripping over the queen and tumbling head over heels. 

Once Basia is fed, I fix my coffee or tea and head back upstairs, to tune into my favorite ‘Ambient Calm’ radio station and ready my position for meditation. My chosen genres for my astral journeys are ocean sounds; the crashing of waves against the sandy shore and running streams, where the water tickles the mossy rocks, as it flirtatiously glides swiftly past and down into a waiting pool of constant moving waves.

As my eyes close, I hear the call of sea gulls gawking to their mates, an alerting offspring of the soon to be had breakfast of worms, bugs and other fowl delicacies. Soon I hear only the waves and my breathing. Consciously I divorce myself from my surroundings, feeling only my breath inhaling and exhaling…soy, hum, soy, hum…

I envision the goodness of the world. I see children playing and laughing. No more hunger exists, no more homelessness and no more war and corruption. The positive vibrations of the world in which I am apart have played a major role in bringing these realities to fruition. I feel warmth and love all around me; I am them and they are me, and together we are the Universe.  Namaste





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