The Virtual World Traveler

The Virtual World Traveler

My Bucket List

Although It is not scripted for me to die in six months to a year, nor am I even sick for that matter, yet no one is promised tomorrow. However, I would still love to meet someone, that I could become friends with and travel the world and they pay for it, no strings attached.
My virtual list consist of: Climbing the Giza Pyramid in Egypt, Riding an elephant in Africa, Riding a river boat down the Amazon, Swimming with the dolphins, Cruising the Bahamas and visiting the Eiffel Tower.

Come with me and visit the Black River of the Amazon and its people.


3 responses to “The Virtual World Traveler

  1. I like that, I pay for the trip we are “friends” I get it…(I´m winking my eye to you right now) I´d love to ride on an elephant but I´d also like to hunt one too, so it seems it fits, I ride him then I kill him.
    P.S. Been in the Eiffel tower in a highschool trip, made us walk up the stairs the last quarter of climb to the top, not doing that again, elevator please.

    • Charli, No we cannot kill the beautiful elephant, no, no, no!!! slapping your hand. lol We can ride him and feel his vibration of life. The Eiffel Tower,
      I don’t mind standing on the ground and looking up :). Can you hunt without killing?

      • I like that, stand and look up at the tower, probably need neck message afterward and what type of question is that…hunt without killing? of course just shoot the damn things with some darts full of oxycontin.Don´t you want to ride a horse? Seems more normal and less uncomfortable, elephants are nasty ugly beasts.Give me the willies. Or you can ride me(you can´t see it but I´m winking my eye again at you) don´t mind walking around in the sun done it in the army with 100 pounds rucksack I can take you on.

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