Frustrated, Started Home School

Unsatisfied With Child’s School

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Unsatisfied with her child’s educators teaching methods and the perceived non-interest of the school’s staff concerning her child, this mother decided in the third year of her child’s education to home-school. This mother holds a B.A. in Organizational Communication, and is a stay – at – home mom. She was uninspired, when she would ask her child every day, after returning from school, what had he learned that day? He would look confused and shrug his shoulders.

It was Parents Back to School Night, I and his mother met his teacher. A smiling, congenial, women in her mid-fifties whom seemed to adore the child and, as I looked around the classroom it was very bland in decor for a second-grade. I remembered how our classrooms were full of color and proudly our teacher would hang our haphazardly done art on the walls for display. Our teacher, would put up art work like colored balloons, pencils and the like making it colorful and festive that was not the case here.

His written work was messy, and half done, yet a star was at the top of his paper. His mother and, I both looked at each Niks' Classroom Board1other somewhat perturbed “Well maybe the child is just not paying attention.” The mother spoke with the teacher further and looked over more of the child’s work. They made an arrangement to have progress reports sent home each week, so they could work together to ensure her child’s success in the second grade. To make a long story short this did not stay consistent and soon his mother was being called to the school for behavioral problems, but not before Parent’s Night which made us very suspect.

At the end of the school year, his mother went home and began transforming her dining room into a class-room; I could not be more proud of her and in three weeks since school was started. Her sun and my grand-sun, is doing fifth grade work in a sea of knowledge based, interactive an engaging color.

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6 responses to “Frustrated, Started Home School

  1. Don´t you think is better for a kid to be out with the friends and in school? He might act out and not be the perfect pupil, but at the end he´ll have to learn and probably will learn that his behaviour is not acceptable. Let the kid stay in school, rather than putting him under your arm and safely at home. Maybe he´ll write better but what will happen when he returns to school with other kids?

    • In this situation, no I don’t. Young black children; with the focus being on our male children especially, are being fast-tracked into the prison system by governments failure to see the inequality, the under-developed curriculum that teaches young black children they are not important or relevant to society and can only work in a service industry industry even after earning a college education. They are not taught to develop business’s in their own communities to serve their people, like the Jews, Asians and Hispanics, yet we, as an original and historical people have contributed so much to this countries economy, through inventions, science, math, entrepreneurship and the political arena of government. The teachers are ill-equipped to understand and defiant against teaching the true African history which started way before us being enslaved and taken from our natural environment. There are different dynamics at work within the public school system, which set African children apart for the status-quo and the strategically design of mis-educating our children is real. Read “The Mis-Education of a Negro, by Carter G. Woodson and reference books to back up his statement through other psychologist, by both black and white authors.

      Now the child has plenty if interaction with other children in his community, a little united nations if you will. He also is in a karate class which teaches; I’m sure you know, inner discipline. The problem was never the child; the school, teacher (s), are manipulated, as well, by the government.

      And some of the other parents feel, that they have the entitlement or “white privilege” to talk to black children any way they want… and in the second grade. Children these days see how the President is disrespected etc. One child told my grand Sun, that he was brought here in “Slave Chains”, the second grade. Now where did he here that from? The bottom line, we cannot risk our childs education, by putting it in the hands of those who really don’t care to see our children succeed.

      • You´ll probably get pissed off at what I´m about to say but here it goes.I´ll start with me and then move on to what will piss you off.
        Personally I don´t give a fuck about colours, I think it´s innate in me. Being from Spain I wasn´t raised around black people, and when I got to the U.S is not like my brain went “O man, your black, wow” No, I just was myself and like a white person or whatever colour there is out there some would like me and others won´t. And my parents never talked to me about race,either in the bad sense or the good sense. They just taught me by example about values, and I guess if you have those straight then again when I saw a black person and was talking to him or her(I prefer her, I´m prejudice in this last part)I would just act like myself, I´d say the same shit I´ll say to anyone else. Hell, even with black friends I would make racial jokes,not out of disrespect It´s just me. Although one of my friends, black, did tell me to not say such a thing if I wasn´t talking to him and the other. I got the sensibility part there, but we still fuck around with each other. Plus the racial thing was never part of our daily humour.

        Now here is why you are wrong when it gets to social and political stuff, and I´m not a political correct person, I find those people to be the most hypocritical ones.

        You mentioned several races, including the jews. During the first part of last century Jews where almost second class citizens, yes they would go to white schools but they looked at them in a negative manner. The government even had a policy or the schools better said of now allowing over X number of Jews into their universities. They seem to be doing fine now and then. Most of them anyways.
        I can´t say I know in depth the black history going back to the Africans, I do know the important role they played in American history, first by helping the english-american colonist defeat the British, then in the civil war, IIWW and on. I think it´s good to know where you came from, but again it´s good to move on. Know your past but live in the present.
        I don´t agree that teachers are manipulated and the government as well. By whom are they manipulated? Is there this big conspiracy against blacks? I fail to see it because there is not. Look at Al Sharpton, this guy makes a living by going to a podium and constantly pounding away at the racial devide, he needs that. To make you, (see how inevitably this turns racially fucked up, when you have to argue against your argument I have to use the word `you´as if you are different than me, you sort of put me in a box)feel less, Obama is the same. Democrats tend to be the same. Only reason is that if you make your constituents(black people) feel like your fighting for them they are still in power, because they make `you´feel like you need them. And to me that is insulting, because it´s telling `you´that you are no good, and that by yourself you won´t be able to accomplish much. It´s an old technique used by the left, the more poor people out there`you´the more dependent you will be on the lefty politicians. In my mind they are the ones who are setting up the racial devide. I know the U.S, I know friends from Harlem, since I studied in New York. And the ones who got scholarships to good universities where still hearing the drive by shootings like all the other kids out there. So why did they make it? and most others didn´t? Because of personal drive, personal responsibility,and good parenting. Having a good family structure is very important for that kids development and self worth. How many black kid´s don´t have a father or he isn´t much around? How many black woman are having kids with 2 or more fathers? The statistics are overwhelmingly high compared to any other race. There is `your´problem that only `you´have the power to solve, because `you´are in control of you life and what you want for your community. Develop business in your own communities, that´s not the job of teachers to teach nor is it to teach all the black history from A to Z. You can learn that later if your interested. They´re job is to teach them math, english literature, and other things that are useful for them so they can get into the competitive job market. And for that to happen more often the role of a cohesive family unit is very important. I tend to see that the more you blame the outside instead of looking in the inside the more the frustrations occur and the more discourage you become and the less progress you will make in life. (And that goes for any human being) Mr.Obama, come on….He got re-elected for a second term with an overwhelming majority of the votes.From white people I might add. Or if not a great majority of white votes certainly up there. He´s been treated by the U.S press as the golden boy, since as in Spain the press tends to lean to the left. People don´t like what he´s doing to the country. When he said”We will transform America.” Most people where still caught up with Mr. Bush and probably thought this guy is going to be much different from Bush, we had enough about this cowboy thing and Mr.O seems to have fresh ideas. What they didn´t realise is that his vision of America is to literally turn it upside down into a a socialist european type democracy. I know how this people work, because in Spain we´ve been governed by the left most of it´s 30 years of democracy and that is why we are at 27,2% unemployment. Obama phones? That´s typical from the left, see, perfect example. Slowly very slowly you make people dependent on you, and people get to the point of comfort in that. Makes it a society full of parasites with no iniciative, which is what happens here in Spain, people look up to the government to solve their problems instead of looking at themselves and thinking how am I going to get out of this predicament. That´s why Mr.O is getting pounded, and his ratings are quite hight. Just imagine if Bush or any other conservative politician would make the mistakes, so called mistakes that is, or the IRS scandal, Bengazi scandal, the Attorney General investigating reporters and the guns that where introduced in to Mexico at his orders, If it was a white conservative he would be done. It´s a democrat plus he´s black and the press gives him a pass every day. I can keep up with the new here in Spain and I have two eyes and ears and see the political leaning of each channel and most newspapers which is to the left. So race and politics go hand in hand. This health care? come on..his given waivers to 2000+ businesses, waivers to the unions, delays in medicare, it was supposed to be implemented on Oct.1 and the office who you guys will now have to pay God knows how many thousand of public employees that are suppose to take care of this universal health care, it says they are not ready to on Oct.1 it´s a joke. Plus a country can not sustain itself with a unversal healthcare system. At the end of the day there are less people going to pay into it than the people who are getting free healtcare or almost free from it. Less money going in and more demand? Don´t work, I live in Spain with a universal healthcare and we are banckrupt, it proves time and time again it doesn`t work, that is why now our government is moving to implement a co-ed payment program so it´s sort off half and half, the individual pay´s half of the treatment and the government the rest, why? because there is no money on the States bank. I knew that the race thing will never go away even when friend of mine in the U.S where so happy about a black president being elected, I just thought, yep it´s history but I don´t give a shit if he´s black let´s see if he´s a leader for the country that´s my second favourite, actually the first. He´s braking the american dream, and by the way since he´s been in office the percentage of African Americans not working has increased! not decreased, you think it´s in his interest for a black population to prosper? Hell no, because if they do they won´t be dependent on him or the left and then they loose power.

      • II hate debating, because without factual data to present, it is just your opinion and everybody has one. I like research but not today. So, let’s just agree to disagree and remain friends. There is one thing, I want to say; and there is no need for a response. Everyone that is not black living in this country seems to think racism is something that “we” as black people should just go along and forget about it. On the surface it may seem trivial, but the rabbit hole goes so much deeper with even deeper mental scars. I recognize it’s only our fight to win, for no one else truly can appreciate the pain or the experience. I will not sacrifice friendships over political B.S. Obama (The Trojan Horse), I could care less about and did not vote for him, his second term for he has no power… I am an Independent.
        I guess you can say I am an entrepreneur, but I am far from being successful, as far, as capital goes. That is why I am hoping for a successful best seller. Yes, I am successful because, I have grown in knowledge, wisdom and understanding of a few things. First I know, I alone cannot change the world, what I can change is my little portion in it and to be deliriously happy, no matter what outer challenges lie ahead. I am an admirer of people and find interest in their life experiences; I can always learn something beneficially worthwhile that, I did not know before. I come from a long line of entrepreneurs, so it is innate for me to try and keep on trying, until, I no longer have the drive which, I hope is well after, I have turned to dust.

      • Had to reply, very well said.You should write some posts about your life experience as an entrepreneur. Especially as a `hotty´ black woman. (Had to put that in, sorry, plus you where the one that said it in one of your first comments don´t blame me,although I´m not sure you use the word `hotty´) It will certainly be very interesting, see how an entrepreneur like yourself `made it´. What type of attributes, how have you developed them over time, why pick to venture into doing such thing and not that other thing. Things like that. It would help ME to read it. Plus my guess is a lot of other people. Although I have a nagging feeling that your book may answer some of these questions…is it? I´m actually looking forward to reading it. Still have to read chapter 10.

  2. What other thing? I do not live and breathe racial complexities. lol The world is a Big Blue or Green/Blue Marble with so many interesting things to see and talk about hence “The Virtual World Traveler.” :).
    My Novel is based in the 1930’s through the 60’s. I am only on chapter 16…so this tells me, I some research covering only a few of the early struggles, civil rights movement etc. It is filled with intrigue, espionage, corporate greed, love, sex, (oooo) hahaha, murder, racism, struggle, victory and resolve. I am now going to take my siesta and get back to writing later. Of course Charly, as always it has been wonderful conversing with you and will talk atcha, later :).

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