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Paris France

Welcome, we are visiting Paris France to experience its rich history. We will visit the magnificent Eiffel Tower built in 1889 to celebrate the French Revolution’s one hundred anniversary, and which is only the first awe inspiring icon of this beautiful city of love, then on to the Notre Dame Cathedral which was once a Roman Temple.

We will then travel back to the time of the Renaissance with Leonardo Davinci’s, “Virgin Child and St. Anne”, and “The MonaMona Lisa Lisa” pedestaled on the walls of the Louvre. “The Louvre, constructed in 1793, is the world’s oldest and Paris’s grandest museum; holding over three-hundred thousand works of art, dating from the ‘Ancients’ to around eighteen-fifty.”

These creatively, sculptured master-pieces such, as Rodan’s Thinker will take your breath away, while the fluidity of the paintings bring them to life through still emotions.  Napoleon’s Coronation is a show stopper and a must see. As we continue further down the grand gallery, nearly a quarter of a mile long; we will experience life, as it was in the Neo-classical and Romantic eras.

I am famished are you? The open markets of Paris offer a large variety of meat, fish and produce, a dizzying selection of cheese and the most delicious bread and wine, I am sure will do the trick in alleviating our hunger that we may continue the tour.Please join me for a delectable Parisian dinner. Oh! Don’t forget the wine.

Paris Street Markets After dinner we will go shopping (window licking). “Paris is the leading fashion capital of the world for its high end design.” Did you know that department stores were invented in Paris? “The Gallery Lafayette built in 1812, is a grand monument to the epitome of fine living.”   The Gallery Layfayette

To round out this portion of our Paris tour we will visit: The Pantheon, The Old Opera, The Arc De Triomph, and “Hotel des Invalids, the Veteran’s hospital built by Louis XIV in the 1600s and now houses Europe’s greatest military museum. Under a grand golden dome, where lies the tomb of Napoleon Bonaparte, “The Emperor of Europe.”Arc de triomp 1

I’ve enjoyed traveling with you and sharing the excitement of this wonderful city filled with historical  richness and cultural delight. Please continue on with the tour, there are so many great and wonderful sites to experience  in Paris, “The Beautiful City of Love.”  And don’t forget to leave your comments. Thank you.


5 responses to “The Virtual World Traveler

    • Alexandria, I am thrilled you were able to join us on this spectacular journey. :). Please look for more virtual travel opportunities, we will keep a light on for you. lol :).

  1. You´re living the life! Here is 2 facts that I know are true cause I´ve been there. It takes a looooong time to go to the top of the tower by stairs. Second, when you see the Monalisa, did you notice that when you move to her left or right her eyes seem to stare at you. They follow you, it´s weird and it gives me the willies.
    Have a good trip, brought back fun memories of my time there.

  2. Charly, thank you for joining us on our wonderful trip to Paris. I absolutely fell in love with this beautifully scenic city, full of historic interest. Yes, I do not think, I would attempt walking up the Eiffel Tower and you pay for the elevator… according to how high you want to go up. The Mona Lisa is strangely beautiful and I did notice her eyes seemed to follow you :).

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