I am feeling the urge of getting back into the market of helping those who have given up on medical prescriptions. But, are they ready to take a chance on my product? Four years ago the majority wasn’t and only a few were, with fantastic results. The manufacturing and testing of this amazing cream; relieved symptoms of dryness, scaly, discolorations, redness, itchy and swollen skin conditions.

By the time I, came to the realization that this cream will be the only product and letting go of all the others, I was broke and unable to fund the project. However, I still kept my website while discontinuing the store portion. Working now to upgrade the site, adding a blog, natural recipes and removing items of irrelevance and tightening up the script for aesthetic importance.

The entrepreneur fabric that spins my desire cannot be reckoned with. I’ve tried slapping it in a corner to silence it’s voice, but it keeps “calling me calling me” (New Jack City’s Pookie), and I answer in the affirmative like a junkie in a weakened, vulnerable state.

I do realize, I come from a long line of women entrepreneurs, but, I think they had something magic going on, for not one of them possessed a college education, yet they were all successful. My Great-grandmother moved to Denver Co. from Mansfield Louisiana, cooked meals, including desserts, and her husband, pulling or pushing a wagon would sing loud and strong through the streets, singing “Pie Meat, Get Your Pie Meat.”

My Great-Gran, also had a Bail Bond Co., while also working with Emily Griffith feeding and clothing the poor in the 1900’s. Then her daughter, my grandmother owned an eatery called “Bill’s Restaurant” on the famous “Five Points.” in the late 30’s into the 40’s that’s when my mother became the owner but was short lived because of her growing brood that needed her mommy attention back home.

So you see, I cannot help the fact – that entrepreneurship runs through my blood hot and fast, just not as successful at least not yet. How many ventures have I undertaken unsuccessfully, “Let Me Count The Ways.” My first, I was a very good vocalist, a puzzle co. “History Comes Together, that never got of the ground.

This next one was a real kicker, a dating service for “Senior Singles,” which, I stopped; when my mother, my customer got propositioned for sex lol… and Shimmer’s Cards and Gifts. How much money I, would have saved over the years, mind boggling. Maybe, I should have followed the trail that was already blazed in the food industry. The thing about that is, I only enjoy cooking for mine and my families sustenance.

Well enough bantering for now Just thinking out loud. If you are interested in learning
more about me and this amazing cream please you can stop by http://www.shaNuWater.com



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