I saw this post and only had one thought and wish. “To let my unselfish love that is funneled through electrical vibrations of the universe; bring happiness and joy to my man’s broken spirit. His negative outlook on this precious and complicated life we live; will never bring me to such a dark place, nor will his negative energy make my positive light cease to shine.”

Sex, The Spiritual Aspect.


When a man enters your valley of intimacy, what type of energy

And consciousness does  he bring in manner, style  and action?

Is he bitter, is he happy, does he love himself

and more importantly does he love you? Does he surround himself with

positive words and deeds, or does he surround himself with negative scenes of emotion?

When the women you long for epitomizes the sexiness you hold

envisioned in your mind, from her smile to the touch of her soft and fragrant skin,

lays down offering herself to you. Is she a blessing, manifesting possibilities of

a life together or,  is she cursing you with her every thrust, groan and moan of

self pleasure? Is she bitter from the many other failed relationships, or is she happy

recognizing that life has it’s ups and downs and neither extreme

is lasting, s he only needs to wait, her time for love will come? Does she

value and love herself, more importantly does she love  and value you?

Sex is a necessary ritual in our creator’s playbook; designed to exchange

energies, thoughts emotions and spirit. During sex you become a spiritual sponge

of consciousness and energy of the other person. Each pump and thrust and

sharing of bodily fluids are an affirmation. Are they draining your life force

and energy, or are they recharging, healing and re-fueling your spirit?

*Stay Mindful of The Power Of Sex.



  1. Humans=sex drive, for male and female. Is it essential, yes and no. Depend for each person. What I can´t understand is if your married to the same person for a loooong time, like 2 years. Do you still have the same drive for that person?

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