OK, I went on FB to engage my puzzle challenge, that I never seem to beat, they are so frigging huge, I did as much on it before I got bored. Then while on my way to checking my e-mail, I got blind sided by the red arrow  that sits to the top, right corner next to the WordPress logo, telling me someone has commented on one of my blog post. Oo! Oo, excited, I wonder is it a smiley face that  or is it a response with real words attached.

I open it and it is real words attached, I begin to smile. “I am relevant.” I think to myself. And from there I spent more than half the day reading other blogger’s post. I have become addicted to the different writing styles, the poetry that takes me places, I never dreamed of and feelings of  emotion, I thought had taken cover under the emotional cob-webs of life.

I fall into the scenic views of virtual photographs taken far and wide in varying degrees; from landscapes to waterfalls, oceans, fashions and yes toes.  Stories written that make me feel some sort of way; sometimes good and some bad, some mad and some glad, but always appreciative of the freedom to share our deepest thoughts of what we consider as important to self, willing to share,  bringing  another person into our space and have a cup of tea.  So, as I write this last blog of the day…I think.  “Have, I Become Part of a Blogger’s Cult?”  Oh well, I can think of worse things.

Had better get back to writing my novel, another ninety days; at the rate I’m going, I can split this book into three best sellers. “Somethings that make you go  mmmm.”


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