Learn Why Enzymes Are Important To Your Survival

Learn Why Enzymes Are Important To Your Survival

Keep Your Pancreas Working by Eating Healthy

Do you know what Pancreatitis- is? I hadn’t known until a friend told me of his condition, and not wanting to burden him with explaining to me what it was he was dealing with; I decided to do some research and find out for myself. This is a small synopsis of what I found; there is so much more information concerning this subject and you can click the link below to learn more.

Pancreatitis is the inflammation of the pancreas, usually caused by Gallstones, a small, solid mass that forms from your stomach’s fluid lining called bile. The Gallbladder and the Pancreas share the bile duct, where digestive enzymes pass through during the digestive process.

Gallstones can create inflammation in both the bile duct and the pancreas. It has been found that alcoholism can be a main contributor to acute pancreatitus.

Those that suffer persistent or chronic pancreatitis can suffer permanent damage to the pancreas, with the forming of scar tissue that will eventually stop the pancreas from working and preventing it from producing the normal amount of enzymes needed to digest – fats, making it very uncomfortable and difficult for the patient.

Why are enzymes important to your overall health?

• Enzymes are the catalyst for breaking down food in the Digestive System.
• Enzymes are made up of large molecules responsible for thousands of inter-
Conversions; responsible for sustaining life.
• Most Enzymes are proteins and adopt a 3 dimensional structure:
1). Organic-Biotin
2). Inorganic –Magnesium – ion
3). Co-factors- Bio- chemistry

A high fruit and vegetable intake helps prevent pancreatic cancer. Eating a healthy serving of Green, leafy vegetables, Lycopene, a vitamin found in tomatoes, vitamin D intake also plays a very positive role in the prevention of pancreatic cancer, as well, as in so many other cancers.  Visit http://www.shanuwater.com/BLOG.html For Green Juicing Recipe and the Emzyme Molecule Model


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