Trusting The Little Guy


I dropped my car off at the garage, into the hands of a mechanic recommended by a friend, but whom I know nothing about except, he had performed work on my friends car, and that my friend had nothing but good things to say about the mechanics work. Since, I trust my friend; I said okay, this might be good.

The ridiculous price quotes, I received from dealerships and from those that specialize in electrical work; I was resolved to keep my cars windows covered in plastic, sealed with duct-tap, parked in the garage; and used only for short runs to the store, or to visit my daughter and grand-sun.

I feared someone would punch their fist through the plastic and off they would go in my 2003 Cadillac Deville, dream car. Now I am feeling, I should  have paid the dealers price to have the regulators installed ensuring, I would have windows that go up and down the way they are supposed to. I am feeling unsure of my decision. “You get what you pay for.”

Like I said, I left her, my car, my baby, with this mechanic that while, I was waiting for my husband to pick me up, which was about an hour and a half. He could not get the door panel off. He kept going back and forth getting different tools and sticking them between the door and the panel.

Frustrated, he finally called someone whom specializes in working on Cadillac’s. “Why, did he not refer me to him?” I thought. Well now maybe, he can get the door panel off without scratching, or breaking something that will result in a continual rattle even if he does fix the windows. “Oh my poor car”

A couple of times while waiting on my husband, I took to walking up and down the block, taking in the lack luster scenery of industrial row. It was too much for me to watch this guy pull, and forcibly push tools into my baby. “Positive vibrations of the Universe, I see my car fixed and unscathed, without any rattles and everything put back like it was, like new, I envision. Namaste’

I settle back leaning against the dirty garage door and decide to call my daughter and see how she is doing at the doctor with my grand-sun and tell her my baby is at the doctors as well and vent my anxiety about this mechanic.  I tell her, “I may have to leave it overnight, because he can’t get the door panel off and it has been an hour.”

My daughter asked. “Well, where are you?” I tell her. “No mom, don’t leave your car there. I hate   saying this, but no, no, no!  Thank goodness for loving children. “I will take you to pick up the car.

“Ase, I say in a sigh of relief.

A couple of   guys come to speak with the mechanic, taking his attention away of my vehicle. One is a short stay, but the other that came later was still there to see the mechanic finally pop off the panel, and at the same time my husband turns the corner. So now, I am putting all my anxiety on paper, letting my keyboard take the brunt of my nervous anxiety.

Scenario is a moment in time and, as we all know; time will come and go. It is what we do within this illusion framework of our existence is the important issue. How we channel our energies and thought patterns. We each have the mental capacity and the attractive ability to manifest the final outcome of any situation, be it positive or negative.

Soon the phone will ring and the mechanic will say “Your car is ready.” I will pick up my baby, the windows will work, and every nut, bolt and door accessory will be tight and in its proper place. I will pay the bill and thank him; for being an efficient mechanic that, I will refer to others and will keep it moving. Namaste’.



  1. A beautiful message portrayed quite effortlessly..Our existence is all counted on how well can we get along with our fellow beings, how much we trust them and how much we need to rely upon them..great post friend..

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