2003 Cadillac DevilleTRUSTING THE LITTLE GUY

After my husband picked me up and, I returned home my head was filling with pressure of the unknown.

I threw two aspirin down my throat and chased them with a 16 oz. bottle of Fiji natural spring water. I stretched my arms high overhead and spread my arms, as if doing a swan dive down, touching my toes and counted to ten. I rolled my spine back up one vertebrate at a time. As, I stood for a minute with my eyes closed and hands in the shape of a pyramid, my thumbs positioned at my heart chakra. I once again envisioned all was right with my car before, I sat down and wrote part 1 of Trusting the Little Guy.

Approximately thirty minutes of finishing part 1 the mechanic called and said, “She is ready for you to pick up.” I called my daughter and with my grand sun in tow, was here in thirty minutes. We arrive at the garage and this time it was busy with three mechanics, one was changing a tire, on an old beat up black Mazda with rust stains on the dented bumper, another was smiling and walking toward us, asking “Are you here for Kevin?” I said “yes.” He will be right back; he made a coffee run.”  I said “OK.” While we were standing there, the other mechanics smiled and tipped their heads.

While waiting for the mechanic, I wanted to make sure my baby was cured of her malfunctioning windows. I instantly checked the panel and the door accessories; making sure they were tight and nothing was loose. I opened the door and pulled hard. Hmm… ok, a smile grew across my face with satisfaction. Then Kevin pulls up, gets out of the car, with a carrier containing three cups of coffee and a small, white bag, I am assuming were Safeway pastries.

Smiling he says “Let me get you – your keys.” He goes into the garage and comes back whistling and acknowledges my daughter and grand-sun, who is standing between me and his mother by asking him. “Hey, how old are you?” After my grand-sun responds, Kevin puts the key into the ignition and demonstrates his work of excellence. Each window went up and down smoothly without any noise and, they had even vacuumed the floors and washed the windows.

After Kevin had finished, I said “The check engine light is off.” He said “Oh yea, I saw that; so, I put a new gas cap on.  The other one’s seal was broken, that’s all that was.” And with a smile he said, “You should be good to go.”  The only thing that was obvious of my window’s illness was the duct tape residue. Kevin suggested, I get “Goof off” and it will come right off.

As we finished up our business, I felt nothing less than appreciation and kindness from all the mechanics, and thought to myself “how nice it is to have top of the line mechanical work, complimented with ‘gold star’ customer service. L&M mechanical has a customer for life. I will make a special trip to see my friend and give him a great big hug.  Ase’


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