The Virtual World Traveler

Dream While Eyes – Wide Opened
Tropical Rain Forest in Cave
(Son Doong “River Cave”)

Good Morning, happy to see everyone’s smiling faces at 7:30 a.m… Isn’t this forest made from Mother Nature a Garden of the God’s” simply magnificent?” I don’t know about you, but for us to be in the midst of this forest flushed with beauty of green gigantic plants and seeing the tall trees billowing up towards the sunlight is truly inspiring. Ok, I have at least a few that agree with my sentiments.
But, now we are going to venture down, down into one of the largest caves known to man. This cave was found by a local Vietnam farmer named Hoh Khanh in 1991. It is estimated the cave was created 2 to 5 million years ago and recently discovered by Howard Limbert of Britain.
Now enough of the boring stuff, let’s put on our gear supplied by “The Virtual World Traveler”, make sure your head lamps are protected. I would not want them to become damaged; for you have to make your way through a patch of darkness. Ok, is everyone ready? Please raise your hands. Stay in a straight line and watch out for one another and let’s go down and view this incredible find.


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