“As a child, I spoke as a child,” but now that, I am grown, I have experienced, learned and gained knowledge that has literally debunked, a lot of what family and society has tried, in a failed attempt to tattoo my mind with indelible ink. Real life will show you the truth ‘if’ you are one whom does not take things at face value, or one that falls under the charismatic charm of a “Great Speaker,” or the guise of photo-shop; the ability to make things appear as truth when they are not.

The seeker of truth over-stands the need to know the dynamics of critical thinking, and the fallacies that are used to convince, a naive mind to believe that which is not true. From the time we are born our minds are manipulated and formed by everyday cultural interventions: religion, education, peer pressure and developed into ideas. These ideas are then manifested into our family and societal structure becoming “The Norm,” having stood within the last century.

A college education is a valuable asset, but it is not the only road traveled for success. Did you know that according to Forbes, “some of the four-hundred self – made billionaires either did not go to college, or they dropped out of college?” http://www.forbes.com/sites/worldviews/2011/09/23/forbes-400-the-self-made-billionaire-entrepreneurs-who-said-no-to-college/.

Many are waking-up from the old belief systems and into a new Universal Stream of Knowledge; Getting rid of the falsehoods that have governed many aspects of our strictly guided lives, by the ancient norms of society. Empowernetwork.com, is one of these lucrative avenues you could choose to take.

Do you have an entrepreneurial heart, a drive, street knowledge or just a desire to have a better life for you, your family and or charity? Decide to expand your horizons with an open mind. Divorce those things that have you spinning your wheels, never advancing or moving to the second level and give yourself a chance and start building your future today.



9 responses to “I DO BELIEVE IN SPOOKS?

  1. Very well written Friend…Initiates a spark in heart for a moment…I was more of an entrepreneurial type but you know life has plans for you that are opposite to what you desire 🙂

  2. Thank you, friend for reading and commenting? There are ebbs and flows in entrepreneurship an at any given time; just the right wave at just the right time may catch you again 🙂

  3. Very true. Now more than never since we live in an information world, we have a lot of tools for information,internet,all the media outlets, and more human population. It´s crucial in this new era of information to know the value of it, to measure it(which there is a person that has developed a method of measuring information)transparency is key. So in the new era of information comes a long a new era of desinformation.
    About college, yes it does help, but coming from a family that has literally no formal studies, I´m the first one to have gone to college, I can assure people that hard hard work, smart work, a very driven personality, incredible believe in one self, cultivate relationships and extreme focus will get you very far. I just have to take a look at my old man.

    • Your dad and (my grandmother’s), who were two successful women that did not possess a formal education yet they were both able to start, maintain successful businesses. Yes there is a huge amount of dis-information being taught in our educational system. I went to college, I followed the business map and yet, my measure of successe has eluded me Street Smarts has been an advantage for more than a few.

      • I guess is a combination of street smarts and pure book knowledge, I never saw my father growing up, he was out the door at 4a.m and back at 10 p.m, he learned the ropes first in journalism by going to the public library, working in bars, and working for 0 at a news agency. Now he´s branched to other fields, but there you go, I sometimes wish I would be like him. Actually I´m starting to think I´m adopted. And by the way, I think you did pretty good for yourself, I look up to woman like you.
        Stay Frosty Mrs. Shanu

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