They Won’t Be Naming No Buildings After ME!

I dedicate this very profund lyrical song to my fellow blogger, whom I have never met, yet I have come to know and respect, through his writings and life’s challenges.

Who brings a smile to my face everytime, I have the opportunity to experience one of his, in his words “Dark Writings.” I never envisioned myself, as one to walk on the darkside, but I truly enjoy his origination.

Mr. Charly Priest. You are here, you’re relevant, and though you may have done some questionable things in your life. You are not the only human to have done so in their YOUTH. The difference is you have acknowledged them and have grown from them.

You are LOVED, by all who know, recognize and appreciate open – honesty and Thank you! for serving in your military and risking your life for our’s country. Peace !


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