Follow Your Passion and Start Living Your Dreams

My passion is to connect human emotions through my writing, while we may be of a different race, creed, nationality and class based on income, we are all of part of the human family who need each other to make this world a better place for our children and grandchildren. We are not doing a very good job as of yet.

We all have laughed, cried, bled, welcomed newborns’ into our families and mourned the passing of loved ones, and some of us have been lucky enough to find that special person to share the majority of our lives with. We have bought our first homes, our first cars, gone on our vacations, celebrated anniversaries and birthdays.

I found that with my husband; when we first met twelve years ago, he was jovial, kind, so full of life, with an inviting personality whom loved to laugh, dance and have a good time, but through the years life has literally taken a toll on his spirit. It hurts me to see him having to go to a job, he has grown to hate; working for a company that sees him, as nothing more than a number.

I want to see him laugh; it would be an absolute joy to hear, but I do not see that happening anytime soon. He wants more out of life, but does not know how to begin to obtain it. I am an entrepreneur at heart, I did not say a successful one, but one never the less and, I feel in my heart and in my spirit, my path is being guided by the magnetic vibrations of the universe for greatness through the writing of my novel and my “Simply Amazing” body cream.

BUT, I won’t’ be satisfied until, I can tell my husband. “Baby, give your job a two-week notice, you are out of there.” Then lay a check in front of him for over $100,000, I see it and know that soon it is going to happen.

Our passions for what we want to do in and for our life, usually begin, I believe while still in our mother’s womb; formed in the frontal lobe of our brain. The cerebral cortex that involves: movement or motor control, decision-making, problem solving, planning, judgment, impulse control and memory are accompanied with the desires of our hearts, and only through human interaction do we become misguided, thrown off our path that sits innately within each of us

We may not always possess the skill(s) needed for our anticipated success therefore, gaining the knowledge in whatever particular area of interest we are drawn too is necessary, as well as a clear understanding of what those skills entail.

Passion although it may be subjective to each individual’s concept and its components will burn like a continual flame in our hearts and mind; to create and deliver whatever our passions are, so that others will benefit from the happiness and worry free living that is indeed possible.
Stop spinning your wheels, as, I have done and, as my husband is doing unhappily. Choose a new and different path to follow; discover and find your passion and start living again.

*To succeed, you must believe in something, start with believing in you, with such a conviction that what you want in life becomes reality.”


2 responses to “Follow Your Passion and Start Living Your Dreams

    • Thank you for your response. Knowing my husband the way I do; my answer is no. He is a hard worker and started a permanent job later in life. When others would be retiring at his age, he will still not be able to retire. Respectively, ShaNu

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