“Once you pass through the door of success, you reach back and help those behind you.” No matter if you think you have arrived by your own strengths, there was someone who laid the foundation for your success as well. (Michelle Obama).

These words are very profound, because far too often we see those who have forgotten the ones left behind; left in the crevices of confusion to find their own way. The saying of old and one that, I have not heard since forever. “Pull yourself up by your bootstraps.”  And although today it may not be said verbally, but  the actions of avoidance and turning a deaf ear are still heard loud and clear.

In this world of new and fast changing technologies, a lot of us are running to keep up and some are running ahead for the next change coming down the pipe. That is why Empower-network  is a venue so needed. Yes you have to educate yourself  by studying, attending seminars, and hangouts, listen to audio, read and blog, but how else are you going to grow and at the same time reap the benefits of a residual income.

When I retired from my communications position and started working my home-based business full-time. I knew I was going to be successful. I had a great bath and body product and it was growing within my peer-circle at work, I would do vendor shows and did pretty-well. But, once, I retired all of my contacts dried up, I lost contact with pretty much all of them and only a few sought me out and are still my customers to this day, far less than what is needed to make a living.

If, I had known about the sincere business practices of EN back then, I may have still been in operation in a big way. Now I am down to only myself and marketing one product, the one I know will help people.

While, I worked at the communications co., I attended a community college, taking business management courses. None of what I learned transferred over to my business. What I was missing was the marketing and now see the value in it. Oh,  I bought my business cards, flyers, wrote about the product, but I did not value the importance of (Up-sales) a new terminology one, I will never forget.

The reason I am sharing this, is because I want anyone else out there that maybe walking that same road of self – confidence not to get it twisted. You may have the best product in the world, but if you do not get people to buy and, then want to buy your product again, then what is it all for? You have to know how to attract and maintain your contacts in a fast, an efficient way, and today that formula is Online- Marketing and doing it the right way.  Empower network is my vehicle, my new Escalade and believe this, I am going to enjoy the ride.

“The struggles you may face does not change who you are, but reveals who you are.” (Michelle Obama).


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