Excerpt’s By Hans Christian Anderson

By Clover Jernesy

I remember while attending elementary school, how we would have reading time. Our teacher would sit all of us children in a semi-circle, while she sat in the front, positioned in the middle, so that we all could see the book’s illustrative graphics, as she read. This particular day she was reading the “The Emperor’s New Clothes”.

The pretext of the story was; two, out of town weavers presented the Emperor with an offer to make him a special outfit from fabric so magnificent and colors so bright. “Not only were the colors and patterns uncommonly fine, but clothes made of this cloth had a wonderful way of becoming invisible to anyone who was unfit for his office, or who was unusually stupid.”

The Emperor in his vanity knew he would be the envy of all the people and accepted their offer, believing these clothes would give him the ability to know who was honorable to serve and which ones were fools and unfit to work in his administration.

*So much of our society is based on this type of invisible trust. Believe what, I say it will make you a better person, a better husband, a better wife, a better father, a better mother, or don’t do it this way or you’ll be sorry, or don’t vote your chosen political party or don’t love who your heart’s desire… say you do.

“Go to school, study hard, go to college graduate and become a success; only to find yourself unable to get a job in your chosen field of study. Go to war, it is your patriotic duty to this country, but where is their patriotic duty in providing the veteran the needs when they return from war, less than who they were before they joined.

To question or object would make these examples unfit, foolish and unpatriotic. Therefore, they go along to get along; not ever being truly fulfilled and becoming the person they really are deep inside.

STOP IT!!! Stop denying who you are, begin living your life as you want, without the constraints of society. Share what you carry morally and ethically inside of you. Reach out and touch others, in a way that is helpful and one that satisfies your soul and your life’s purpose.

You can start doing that TODAY! Open yourself to the possibilities; begin to expand your horizons. Start here by clicking this link and “Start Living Your Life, Like Its Golden.”

In the end the Emperor was exposed, “literally” of his stupidity, by an innocent child unafraid to speak out in Truth, and not until, then did anyone dare to buck the false  system of beliefs, set-up for seeing and believing in something that was not there.

THINK ABOUT IT, are you going along to get along, are you a follower or, a just and ethical leader? If you are of the later, your community needs you, the world needs you.

The vehicle supplied by Empowernetwork and its affiliates are here to help you see your vision come to light.

Don’t hesitate, contact me. We as a team “Start Living Your Life Like Its Golden,” Can go far and never regret not looking back.



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