My 21 Day Meditative Challenge via Deepak Chopra

The Year 2013 is quickly nearing to an end. Were you able to successfully complete your New Years’ Resolution? It is okay if you didn’t; what is not okay,  if you had a burning desire to fulfill it, but then let it fall by the wayside, placing it into the forgotten archives of life.

I was once told that if you have not worked on a project at least once a day, it is not on you list of priorities, and if that once a day turns into a week and then 90 days, then forget about it and move on. But here, I must beg to differ for if you have planned for long term goals vs. short term goals then the latter is expected.

I say this because, I began writing my first novel in 2009, and like anything new you have ebbs and flows, mine were in the creativity department. Sometimes, I would sit down at the computer and not come up for air maybe four to five hours in a day; then there are times when, Iwould sit within a dark vortex staring out the window and a one line sentence staring back at me, yet, I have never stopped writing because, I understand this aspect of creating.

In these times, I summon the universe’s intervention. I settle my mind and attempt to empty its non fruitful contents and invite visions of completeness into it. Deepak Chopra’s 21 day meditative challenge has helped me in removing noise, chaos and confusion from my inner-being. The breathing and chanting eases my mind, the anxiousness of my heart, clearing away the dense fog that blocks the streams of invention.

Here and now is your opportunity to sit down and plan-out, what you want to accomplish in the New Year 2014 and, then meditate on it everyday and night. You will be surprised at what can actually manifest concretely, when your intentions are serious. You can have all that you want in this life; just know you can not look to anyone else, but SELF to obtain it. “See it, Believe it, and Receive it.

It starts with you, stop doubting yourself and go for the gusto. Empowernetwork is an avenue that offers you an opportunity to unchain a stagnated way of thinking, you will see others that have gone, where you want to go and are successful. You can surround yourself with positive energies that attract positive outcomes.

I will always tell anyone “before taking the plunge into the unknown to do their homework, then once you have; there should be nothing to hold you back.  Begin molding your future success by being consciencely present  and start “Living Your Life Like it’s Golden.”



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