Work Hard, Reap The Benefits, Then Relax & Enjoy

  Is There a Mentor in the House?

By Ja’Nala


How many times have you worked on; or studied something to the point that you thought you had it down pact, but when you tried to implement it – it did not work? So you try it again and think, “This has got to work this time,” and it still doesn’t. This is when you are in need of a mentor, one should never settle on the words “I can’t.”

There are two types of personalities in the world, those that know they can, and those who believe they can’t. Confucius says, “They are both right.” Which one are you?

We all have talent and skill, but we have to work at it, it takes work and fierce dedication to be successful and there are people just waiting to help you on your journey. “Too many times we see those who have become successful, while standing at the finish line. We never see the struggles and hard work it took for them to get there.”

One should never be afraid or ashamed to admit they cannot figure something out. This is what, I admire about the team, I am on. “The Prosperity Team” and having sponsors so caring, they are willing not only to share their knowledge, but show you how to resolve your problem and get you over the hurdle that is keeping you from moving forward.

Striking out on your own, developing your online-business no matter what it is; there may come a time when you find that you need a mentor to show you exactly what ropes to climb to find the fruit. If you are looking for that type of interaction with an on-line business, where you are never alone and help is always available then click here.

Nothing worth having is ever easy. Work hard to get what you want and then Relax & Enjoy it.


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