Combatting the Demons of Aging
Ja’Nala Mamdu
Licensed & Board Certified Esthetician

Hello and welcome to ShaNu Water’s professional skincare and nutrition blog. I am very excited to share tips on keeping your skin beautiful and ageless, reducing the appearance of small lines and wrinkles and various other issues we, as mature women experience.

The first example is walking past a mirror; not recognizing and jumping at the person staring back at you. You begin examining your face, almost pushing it against the mirror turning from left to right.  You’re  seeing splotches, brown spots, smile  lines, crows feet,  that were not there before.  You notice discoloration and the skin around your  jaw  has decided to take a vacation and heading south.

Oh my! where did time go – how did, I allow my skin to get in this condition? Well, you are not by yourself… you don’t know;  what you don’t know. The good news is you don’t have to settle or accept that your skin has started  looking  starved for moisture, dull, dry, and flaky. Etched with lines caused by wind and sun damage, and if you smoke you’re intentionally robbing your skin of its health & moisture.  Cutting to the chase; let’s just say it, you have  started  to look “OLD!”

We’ve had our time in sun, hopefully not too much.  Oh yea, those pretty young things out there,  flipping there hair and laying on beach in their bikinis with their perfectly shaped bodies,  soaking up the sun or those sitting in clubs drawing on cigarettes, drinking alcohol will in time travel these same old rocky roads  (if),  they don’t learn now  of  the importance of  restoring and maintaining moisture levels in their skin.

ShaNu Water will give you information used throughout the skin-care industry on how to combat aging and other issues by using natural plant based /organic ingredients that you don’t have to spend an arm and a leg to buy.

Do you run to the corner grocery store to buy night creams, lotions in an attempt to replenish the lost moisture? Let me tell you something you may not have known. You will not find a quality, professional night cream or lotion at any drug, Wal-Mart, nor any grocery store.

The best quality cream you will find at any of those types of outlets will only contain one-third of an ingredient that can help your skin, and that amount is in-affective because of the carrier junk that is added to the product such as: Mineral oil and lanolin that overlay and block pores  causing  buildup of dirt and oil.

The alcohol  dries the skin and preservatives (parabens) have been found to cause cancer; you don’t want these damaging ingredients on your skin or in your system.

Stay tuned, as, I research valuable and helpful information to help your skin-care regimen. This industry is always on the cutting edge with new,  advanced and simpler ways to care for your skin. Helping to keep you looking radiantly beautiful and age-less without penetrating the dermis.

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