Ja’Nala Mamdu * Licensed Board Certified Esthetician

Washing-HandsEvery one of us might think we are pretty clean most of the time. What of those times you are running late, getting your children on the school bus or you’re leaving for work and just, as you are about to go out the door; you have to make a potty stop “Damn.” You finish your business and run out the door, but wait! You did not wash your hands, and you had to open the door right?

You get into your car or better, yet you catch the bus, holding onto the hand rail. A gathering of surface germs, which are giving you high fives, and your germs are reciprocating. You arrive at work, an again touching door handles, keyboards and before you know it you’re introduced to the new boss, employee or facilitator, shaking their hand.

How many germs do you think have been transferred within that short amount of time? We are inundated by germs and bacteria every day. Did you know there are 184,921 strains of bacteria, as recorded by the NCBI Taxonomy Directory; also did you know the E. Coli bacteria, the one most common folks know or have heard about… can think?

That’s right! “The National Institute for Nanotechnology in Edmonton, Alberta Canada is taking advantage of the extraordinary surveillance ability of E. Coli to engineer it into a recording device.
The group has dubbed it a “nano-recorder,” a living cell that can recognize, respond, and remember brief events or stimuli. “

And get this… The scientific research team is designing programs modeled after the E-Coli Bacterium because these little culprits are so small, fast and have infinite memory, “, Scientist for example, think that studying E. coli will reveal the design principles needed at IBM to build more efficient computing devices.” Amazing, I know right?

The computer’s we have today have to do a surmountable amount of storing information. The E-coli cell is small, super-fast and very energy efficient, which makes it an extraordinary subject to model digital devices after.

The Pathogenic Bacteria:

In the professional field of aesthetics, medical and dental; it is important to know about the Gangsters of all bacteria, those with the root word>>> COCCI. A round shaped bacteria that appear singularly or in the following groups:
• Staphyl – Pus forming, growing in clusters as you see grapes hanging from the vine. These cause Abbesses, pustules and boils.
• Strepto – Pus forming are elongated, curved lines that look like a string of pearls and cause blood poisoning and strep throat.
• Diplo – Is shaped like a sphere and grows in pairs and causes pneumonia…etc.

*The other two last but certainly not least are:
• Bacilli, or Baccillus are short, rod shaped the most common bacteria that produces such as tetanus or (lock-jaw), typhoid fever, tuberculosis, and diphtheria.
• Spirilla, cork screw or spiral shaped. These are sub-divided into sub groups, which cause Syphillus a sexually transmitted disease. And Borrelia Burgdorferi, which causes Lyme disease.

So you see we are in Ever Present Danger of contracting any these diseases, when proper sanitary disinfecting methods are not practiced even in hospitals, clinics, and dental chairs. Does MERSA mean anything to you (The flesh eating bacteria)? Nasty stuff.

Remember, how the story started out with not washing hands after using the bathroom. Well unfortunately it carried over into after work, stopping at the grocery store, getting a shopping cart; who knows how many other hands may have been pushing that same cart?

Arriving home to prepare dinner for the family and again not washing hands. Let’s just hope the heat from cooking the food killed the bacteria.


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*References: ( University of Phoenix Periodical), (Milady’s Standard Esthetics Advanced Skin- Care), New Mexico Health Dept).

Ja’Nala Mamdu



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