10 Affirmations to Take Control of Your Future

There is an Awakening Going Forth so many like minded people Sharing The Universe’s formula for a happy and content LIFE! Namast’s

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Affirmation quotes to Take Control of Your Future


10 Affirmation Quotes

To build on the last post, 23 Motivational Quotes to Live Your Dreams, here are 10 affirmation quotes to take control of your future and inspire your best effort. See, it’s easy to have a positive internal dialogue when things are going well, but what matters most is what we say to ourselves when we’ve lost again and again, when we’ve been rejected, beaten up by life and we no longer believe in ourselves. What do we do? What are we telling ourselves then?

Here are 10 affirmation quotes for when life tries to knock you down and in return you KICK A$$! Remember, only you decide your future!

No matter how bad it is, or how bad it gets; I am going to make it!

I have a dream, and I live it!

I am capable, loved and highly favored!

I have been given…

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