Ball & Chain


What do you call the place you go to, everyday, forty hours a week, thirty-six hours a week more or less; a J.O.B., a slave, or maybe a more colorful word showing disdain for “YOUR CHOSEN” pursuit to make an income?

You, either drive, catch the bus or car pool to a building, construction site, a dock or a cubicle; wherever it is that you venture… you hate it.

You put forth your talent and energies toward an entity, which is not of your making and one that “YOU” will really never benefit from…not really, yet those that manage you and write the rules and delve out your stipend of a pay-check do.

See how other’s are taking advantage of the opportunity.                                                                                                        Ball_and_chain

I call any job you have chosen for yourself and that does not have a professional license behind the name such as: BA, BAS, MD, PHD, CPA etc., a “Ball and Chain.” A disambiguation term meaning, “physical restraint and used specifically on prisoners or slaves… limiting the ability of free movement.

I am quite familiar with these types of positions. I retired after twenty-six years of being locked in and kept down with no chance of advancement, although, I had an AA degree, sprinkled with a few business management courses.

I am not advocating that you up and leave your job and go “Willy Nilly” into a new adventure, without testing the waters. By all means keep your job until you can do better, but start building that bridge NOW!

The digital age is upon us and we need to get with the program of information-internet marketing and it is so much easier. This business model allows you to work “smarter not harder,” while being mobile or from the comfort of your home.

Join Me!… Start Living Your Life; Like It’s Golden. Now is the time to break away from the perpetual cycle of never having enough.

I manisfest that, I WIll… here from you, after viewing the PROOF. With hard work and dedication you can be closer to you dreams starting TODAY!


Ja’Nala Mamdu * 720-259-7134 ShaNu-Water-LLC/

*Please read the finacial disclaimer on the site.Your financial future depends upon your work eithic. This is your business and it takes dedicated focus and the ability to


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