The Concrete Ramblings of an Internet Marketer

What is My Why?


Why have I chosen Empower Network,, as my vehicle for pursuing career modeled internet marketing?  In my mind’s eye, it is the surest way, to learn the business and too earn the amount of money I desire to live the lifestyle I deserve.

In order to do anything in life successfully, one must know it takes consistency, in doing one thing over and over again until you know it without question. Then you are able to sail effortlessly toward your destination.

Learning never ends, knowledge is always present. Information avails itself and waits for us to actively take part in its rewards, by immersing ourselves into each written line, audio stream, face to face conversations and spiritual enlightenment. Our mind fills with persistent injections of obtained wisdom that we are now able to share with others.

Why, do I think the world is an Egotistical Maniac? Everyone wants, seeks and sometimes robs, murder and steals for attention. To have their names placed on things that only rust, get old, becoming dilapidated an eventually imploding onto itself, and once gone, then another is built in its place and the world forgets of what once stood there.

Each person born has innate abilities, talents, visions and a creative personality; wanting to be acknowledged for something, they themselves have manifested. Sometimes what we want to present to the world has already been trade-marked or copy-written and unless we can add a different component not yet imagined that can benefit someone or something “Why” try to re-invent the wheel?

I desire to be financially independent, to help my children and grand-children if and when they may need it and not have to worry about unexpected emergencies that can literally bankrupt you, although you have insurance.

To be free from every corporate power structure in place that attempts dictating rule over me; I desire   control of where and how, I live.

I have long ago put aside the notion of dying to achieve my Heavenly walk on “Streets Paved in Gold.”   I see my “Heaven” in the present, right here and now; I desire that for myself and my family. I desire my name linked, as a positive legacy, one of purpose and meaning that helped someone other than me.

I desire not to clip coupons to save money, why? That is boring. Sitting and cutting around the dotted lines to get forty-cents off your third item after you pay full price on the first two. Really, I don’t even like some of the products and will more, than likely get thrown out after a month of gathering mold or dust.

I desire the things I like, produced  after combining the ingredients that make me close my eyes as, I gingerly chew, taking in the flavors that burst in my mouth leaving a lingering appreciation, or the five-hundred dollar I-phone that does everything, but fly and my beach front home flanked by banana and palm trees.

Why? I much rather like walking down the white sandy beaches of Cancun or living the rest of my life on the tropical island of Barbados, working from my balcony, looking over onto the ocean beneath me, smelling the salty-sea water and hearing the waves, as it kisses the shore.

Being an Internet Marketer/Novelist, I envision the now of achieving my short and long-term goals ushering my desires, while being quite elusive and mobile.

Having money will always conjure up a selfish pursuit first, what can, I buy for ME! Then the selfish component begins to wane and more avenues appear leading me to see the needs held and suffered by others.

It’s quite amazing how empathy and compassion comes into focus and you are now able to see having additional monies can help you accomplish great things, not only for yourself, but now you see the single mother that wants a college education; which can help her achieve a better future for her and her children, but not having the finances.

There exist desperate needs for nutritional grocery stores, play-grounds, health and mental facilities, redirection for some of the homeless having been incarcerated, freed into society, but no programs to help them move forward and becoming a benefit to their families and community.

We/I can help in these areas now, we don’t have to wait. We can believe they are being brought into fruition at this very moment while we learn the ropes of internet marketing, taking the risk, adventuring out and away from our safe, but financially broke cocoons.

Are you ready to embrace the field of possibilities and become an unforgettable legacy? Join me in building a new and profitable reality.

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