Barbados My New Home
August 2014

It was only five months ago, August 2013 of being in the business of internet marketing, Empower Network/Prosperity Team that, I decided to check December 26, 2013, my back-office after months of having not receiving any e-mail notifications of money deposited into my account.

I remember, I conscientiously, changed up my morning routine and went directly to my back office, by-passing and checking my e-mail. I looked in my account and rubbed my eyes to make sure, I was not seeing things.

Twenty- thousand dollars, I leaned back in my office chair and looked out the window, then, I refreshed my computer and logged backed in. The twenty-thousand dollars was still there, a holler from the deepest part of me rang through-out the house.

Yes! Yes, I did not give up and look how the universe reflected my efforts, tears began rolling down my face, laughing and crying at the same time, it has finally happened. Now I can begin planning for my next move. One more check like this one and I am out of here.


After waking at 8:00 a.m., the sounds of islanders walking up and down the white sandy beaches, their children splashing around in the water; I stand atop my veranda looking over and out towards the ocean beneath me. The sun on my face is accented by a warm tropical breeze, as it wisp past, slightly swaying the palm and banana leaves into a dance of seduction.

Aromatic smells of Birds of Paradise mingled with the scents of wild orchids and fields immersed with tall sugar cane and pineapple plants. I say to myself I’m here, I stayed focus, I worked to my heart’s content; doing what I have come to love, writing & selling my novel that is now on the best seller’ list for fictional drama and selling the awesome products provided by Empower Network and their affiliates how grateful I am….

Carla, my house-keeper has prepared breakfast, spinach and cheese omelet, covered with an orange hollandaise sauce and sliced Portobello mushrooms, an English muffin and a tall glass of Mimosa.

How grand it is to sit outside watching the sea-gulls fly over-head and hear the crashing of the ocean waves, while smooth jazz plays in the back-ground.

Now that I am settled in my new home, relaxed and financially secure it is time to start making new friends. I will drive my 2014 Range Rover Jeep into town, find a gym and sign-up for a Pilates and Yoga class.

Upon my return to my spacious cabana, I will pop in a Boney James cd and put in two to three hours e-mailing my list, writing my blog and making a video of this splendid and beautiful island, I now call my home with me in the fore-front


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