Have you ever prepared a dinner that included the vegetable called leeks in the recipe? Part of the onion and garlic family. Leeks is a (genus allium), which is long and resemble a stalk of celery.

The first time I ever used leeks, I pulled down the first layer and noticed there was a lot of soil trapped within the layers and it took peeling back the three to fourth layers before there was no dirt.

I washed, sliced and mixed them in either a salad or stir fried with the rest of the vegetables to bring out the hidden flavors.

Life can sometimes be like ‘leeks’, covered in dirt that have laid dormant and hidden from view (or) trapped in layers of emotional stress, denial, deceit, hurt and failures in life. When you begin to pull away the layers, exposing the real you it can be comparable to having open heart surgery. It’s painful and it hurts seeing and accepting the truth, as it stands before you with an unwavering stare.

You have decided to stop avoiding and side stepping the adversities, to cut it out and away from your life. Everything that has ever held you back from opening up and truthfully dealing with the fear old ghost threatened to reveal. Your vulnerabilities, mistakes, and the vanity mask you wear, so you would not be recognized and found out.

Realizing, “redefinition and self-recognition means peeling away the layers of the ego-self; to reveal the true nature, separating from the labels that binds us to the arbitrary social definition of success.”

Ask yourself why these conditions have plagued your life literally stopping you from being a whole person, giving value not only to your life, but to those lives you impact on a daily basis.


• What are your talents?
• What is your education?
• How do you feel about your accomplishments?
• Do you discuss them?
• Do you view your accomplishments, as something that can help someone else?
• Is it important what others think about your accomplishments?
• Did it bring you happiness, satisfaction or both?
• Do you see value in your accomplishments?
• Do you see yourself as a success, not according to societal norms? Explain Why.

Once you are you able to answer these (truthfully), remembering your truth is all that matters. You will be free to walk exposed, naked in the sun of reality, letting go of the burdensome weight that has been holding you down, preventing you from moving forward freely.

We are the flavor. Each one of us adds a different savor, with our own unique personalities. The way we talk, laugh our facial expressions; the way we interpret and communicate and the way we enter into a room. Individual in style from the way we dress, to the coffee we drink, if we even drink coffee.

“WE” are what makes the world go round. Let’s celebrate who we truly are and value others difference. There is no need for jealousy or to be over-dosed on ego or being a CIA agent in training. Peace*

*Learn how others have released the ties that had them bound. They will surely inspire and motiviate you.

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