By Clover JernesyImage


*A good neighbor should think good for neighbors…But unfortunately in nano structural family is full of jealousy… They cannot bear urn praise for success or like you… But they dislike you more or bear your unsuccess to the people…..  


The above paragraph I received in a FB post. After the admin, so kindly made me, an admin. of the group, as well as adding others too. I won’t give the group’s or the admin’s name because, frankly it is a much larger problem and singling out one group of people will not solve the isssue; I will tell you that it is a writer’s group.

When I read this it soared passed me in a whimsical disguise, because “we” have heard these things from the beginning living here in the USA, so it really did not mean much until, I lay resting and the word’s came to a clear focus in my conscious mind. I thought what the hell…you know nothing about me or my people to say or feel such things.

You are hundreds of miles from our shores and, yet maybe you formed your opinions from the biased media in print, audio of video (The Mass Media). Then, I can understand your ignorance. But should you stay steeped in such B.S., and then spew it out of your mouths in an attempt to hurt and malign a people you have had no direct dealings with; does this make your dark skin better than mine? I will tell you it doesn’t.

I have grown to know that skin color does not make you who you are. Your lives experience, environment, actions, judgments rather good or bad, make you who you are. Therefore, I sent this inmy  response. (excluding the messenger).

***When I heard of the young woman in India that was raped in a barren field it touched pain in my heart, although I did not know her nor have, I ever been to India it hurt me.

For it could have been me or someone that I knew a sister, or a close friend. Was, I not supposed to feel this way because she was Indian; was I to turn from, dismiss it and not have empathy or compassion because, I am not Indian?

I ask… would you celebrate in joy if that happened to an African American woman, here in the US or elsewhere in the world. Would you laugh and say that it was her fault for being rapped so brutally that she later died?

I am a woman, who knows of the injustices that are being forced on women in all Diasporas, it does not matter whether, Indian, Black, White, Asian, Arab or Hispanic. To hate another because of racial difference is a “SICKNESS” that needs to be overcome.

You say you hate me AND MY PEOPLE because of our blackness. If you were to live here, you would be hated only because you are different. Different in looks (dark- skinned), religion and culture. Don’t you see to hate someone because of created difference is illogical. What is hate? You were not born to hate. It is manifested through others actions… FEAR of the unknown.

Through this fear the tentacles of hate spread? Are you going to allow others to control  your mind, making you hate others, because of physical differences? Remember you are different as well.

The race of people you said you hate “The African American” possess a charitable heart (Red Cross Contributions). Should our black faces accompany our checks and supplies sent to help in India’s unfortunate disasters? (Mumbai’s bldg. collapse, 8.0 earthquake and the 2013 floods), are just a few and  know there have been more; where black churches and organizations and private citizens such, as myself  have contributed to aiding the people of India..

Our history tells a poignant, true and dynamic story of hate and injustice in a land that was not our own, although living in this country has been one of stolen legacy, spirituality, family and murder, we still choose to show empathy & compassion where need be.

So, I urge you to re-examine your mind-set and choose to accept people for whom  and where they are. Peace!


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