The Mission

by Clover Jernesy


Medley is standing with her companion cart at the crosswalk, waiting, as traffic rushes past splashing dirty slush water mixed with the melting snow. The light changes and Medley begins to push her companion cart across the street, but one of the wheels has gotten caught in a pot hole just off the curb and the cart starts to fall to the left.

Medley becoming frantic, attempts to stop the cart in its descent, when a very well dressed gentleman grabs the cart and settles it back onto all four wheels. “There you go, let me help you take this across the street.”  Medley removes her hands from her companion cart and walks ahead of the gentleman. Once across the street, Medley in a soft voice says, “thank you sir.”

The gentleman says “don’t mention it, Merry Christmas” and holding out his hand with some cash in it gives it to Medley. She reaches out and takes it; without ever looking at how much it was. The gentleman looks at her with a sincere smile, turns and goes on his way.

Medley watched him until he turned the corner and was out of her sight, putting the money into her worn pant pocket she continued to the mission’s alley, where she would park her companion cart along with everybody else’s, only taking her black plastic bag in with her that held her valuables.

Once inside she began hearing her named called, “Medley over here.”  She saw the table where her friends sat and joined them. “Here have some coffee to take the chill off.” Albert said. Rosie said “here have a donut, and another friend Katherine, brought her some hot oatmeal and toast, with a lot of butter and grape jelly containers to put on it.

Katherine asked “Medley did you over sleep?” No! I was having a fling with Brad Pitt and he would not let me go.” Everyone at the table busted out laughing. That is what attracted them to Medley she always had a story or a joke to tell that would make the reality of living on the streets less harsh and for a few hours every day they all could forget.

Just then a stranger came to their table, one they had never seen before, and she sat next to Medley. Suddenly Medley sprung from her seat and took her food and coffee and sat at another table. Rosie looked at Katherine with a confused expression, but the new lady did not stir, she continued to look forward with her hands in her pockets.

Katherine knew why Medley moved so abruptly. It was not because of anything the women did to her personally; hell she did not even know the woman. It was her smell- she smelled of urine, excrement and alcohol and was just very unclean. If there was anything that was going to upset Medley from getting her morning mea,l she had to distance herself. Medley never said anything about the woman, she just moved to another table as did Katherine.

After finishing her meal, Medley noticed the lady had not gotten up from her spot and had not had any food brought to her. Medley went to the counter picked up a tray and put toast, a bowl of oatmeal, cup of coffee and a donut and took it to the new lady. “Here you have to eat. My name is Medley, what is yours?” But the lady said nothing; she took her hands out of her pockets and began to eat slowly.

Medley, noticed her withered hands were white, as if she had no blood in her body, and if it were not for the build up of dirt and brown grime around and beneath her fingernails, with some areas  having  turned a dark blue there would be no color at all. Medley went to the table where donations were dumped in a pile and she searched for gloves, socks, underwear, sweaters and sweat or heavy pants. She figured the lady had to be a size twelve, but Medley could only find sizes too small or too big.

She found a couple of sizes fourteen and sixteen. She then went to the cooler chest that had soap toothpaste, deodorant and bottles of water. And made her a grooming packet put it all in a plastic bag with the clothes she had gathered and gave it to her, still the lady did not look up or at Medley, but Medley understood where this lady was, because she herself had been there and not too long ago. So she tied the bag and left it by the new ladies side.

Katherine smiled at Medley knowing of her kind heart, never judging and always willing to help. Medley went back to the table where Katherine and now Rosie were sitting having finished their meal and now engaged in conversation.

Each lady respected each other, they never talked about why or what led to their being homeless, but knew they could count on each other for friendship, support, conversations, and laughs, to not eat alone, and know at least four people cared if either of them lived or died.

* We live in one of the richest countries on the planet, and to see homelessness in the extraordinary numbers that it exist is TRAGIC. We together can help, but we must first help ourselves before we can help anyone else.

The 15K formula through Empower Network is a vehichle proven to get the money needed for great transformations fast for those who are dedicted to making a change within their community and the world. It takes work and if you are willing to dedicate your time and your resources to make a difference,

I sincerly urge you to connect with me through FB or email:, and I can show you how you can make an important difference in you life and the lives of these unfortunate people living on the streets.


Happy Holidays,



3 responses to “THE INVISIBLE GIVER – The Mission

  1. I Absolutely LOVE these stories. They always draw me in, keep me engaged and anticipating the next line, sentence and paragraph. You ability to create vivid imagery in your writing is very creative and gives me space to draw up my own scenery in my mind and see very clearly the narrative. You have something very unique going on here and I encourage you to stay focused on your treasure, because that is where the jewels for your readers are and where your Gift is rooted.
    Peace 🙂

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