I spent this morning reading how President – Nelson Rolihlahla Mandela impacted the lives of other writer’s. Their words were of humility, respect, honor and their acknowledgement of the wrongs the European nation has brought to Africa and inparticular- South Africa with Apartheid is eye-opening.

In reading their words it made me think; this giant of a man, in his strength/ humility, love of his people and country has made one look within and know there is a better way to live as humans.

Yet how many greats have passed from this world who’s life’s reflected: peace, human and egual rights only to be forgotten, as the days and weeks pass.

Now their memories and great feats of good deeds are placed in the museums of thought, pictures, biographies and documentaries some being true and and some not.

Their life revisited on anniversaries and held once again for the twenty-four hour event in high esteem, while the visiousness of hate, murder and greed persist on a path of blood letting orgasms, for more power, more land and its natural resources, claiming it as their original own.

Nelson Rolihlahla Mandela is now lying in his grave in the country that birthed and loved him. I can see each grain of soil of Mother Africa inch closer and closer around his incasement wanting to protect her Native SUN for its journey to the origin of all mankind. Ase’

A book was mentioned that will give a glimpse into Why the European set out to conquer the world. “A Measure of Reality-Quantification and Western Civilization by Alfred W. Crosby. It is definately on my list to get and to read.


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