Add That Personal Touch to Your Blog with a Custom Header

One of the best free customization tools on is the ability to upload a custom header image. Using a custom header is a great way to showcase your style and personality on your blog. When readers visit your blog, its header is what pops out first and introduces visitors to your site and your content. That header image plays a huge part in your blog s first impression, and now you can live preview custom header images as soon as you upload them. Experiment by uploading header images in the Appearance → Customize → Header area. The new preview feature helps you to choose the header that best matches your site s style and design. To learn more, see the support page on uploading a custom header image. Color matching for headers If you ve purchased the Custom Design upgrade, you can generate a color palette to match your header image with the new Match Header Image button in the Colors panel under Appearance → Customize → Colors. Keep clicking the button to see differe


3 responses to “Add That Personal Touch to Your Blog with a Custom Header

    • I need to get on it, Lol. I also have a blog at and cannot get a valid log in to change my password. I am not a techi and can’t do it on my own. Thanks for lighting a match under my procrastinating ass. Lol

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