“That Thing You Love”

When I think about network marketing, I think of the “attraction” component. What is it about the product that would make you and others first want to buy it? Is it the  packaging, the marketer’s promise of results, or the 100% commission on all sales.

Whatever it is don’t let it be tied to your being  emotionally caught­­­­­ –up by another’s­­­ recommendations, and looking through their eyes to capture their dream it won’t last. It is  your life’s purpose and want. An entrepreneurial feat that you are willing to give your dedicated an undivided attention, so that eventually the money, time and effort begins to pay off and is worth the investment.

 The business model does it seem well thought out, taking into account what its relationship will be with the greater consumer market. Will the product be available for up-sale, is it priced economically fair and would it be considered a logical, ethical buy and one that delivers value?  Is there financial evidence; is money being accrude; helping to change lives for the better?

You have invested your money time and energy in something you have found to contain what you consider as valuable. Now you want this purchased vehicle to drive you away from the drudgery of job dependency you deplore, with its restrictions, limitations; the mercy of bosses time clocks, shift changes and quarterly assessments.

In essence you have captured your independence/freedom by marrying a business partner of your choice. And is ready to start a new life together, if you are serious clicking this link.

Now let’s look at it in terms of finding a life partner/mate.  What attracted you to this person? Was it their intelligence, or their packaging: looks, physical build, eyes, smile, personality, conversation, or the way they laughed?  Are they attractive to other people; no one wants a partner that no one else finds attractive, do they?

Have they shown and proven themselves worthy, is their evidence; or are you going by what someone else has had to say about their ethical and logical character?  Are they known for establishing strong companion – relationships, or do they want the other person to do everything for the both of them? If so the relationship will probably not last very long.

What can this person/product add to your life? Do they have emotional strength which will compensate for your weakness; are you, or are they allowed to be vulnerable, with never the threat of having it thrown back in either one’s face? Will the financial gain outweigh the risks, too where you can actually do some not, so ordinary things like: buy a beach front home, travel to Paris France, Africa or take an Alaskan Cruise or buy diamonds?

Having a savvy, creative, business partner; one whom always is looking for new legitimate streams of income to add the till, one who is spiritually sound in mind, body and spirit and not to mention good looking is fortunately the man for me.

Enjoy Ladies no matter how short in length this video is. Here is wishing you all, a Fantastic New Year!  Full of Love, Light, Peace , Prosperity and a man so damn awesome that you will never divert your eyes from his to take in another.

Connect with me and let me know you were there by requesting me, as your friend. Then follow me and find out how to become part of the “New Rich”  financially  independent and free.


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