I like having money and I never will be without it, unless the Fed’s create a way say for instance our looks become the trade currency. Hmm… how would that work? There would be a facial calibration department. Whereby according to how good you looked would determine how much your face was worth.

What level of government would make these decisions; what would be the criteria for ugly vs. pretty? “You are considered by the Fed’s appearance scale not to be so good looking, so your face is worth one-dollar. On the other hand your face is considered beautiful and it is worth one-hundred dollars.

I can see a bunch of ugly Tea-Partiers staging sit-in, camp-outs, tent-cities and taking to blocking entrances to Wall Street and holding them hostage, torturing them by forcing them to look at themselves in mirrors twenty-four seven. That would be obscenely fallible so, I digress for a more logical approach.

Like I said, I like money; I appreciate money, it has done a lot for me. It allowed me to buy: my home, furnishings, appliances, clothes, food, books, computer, seeing glasses, I phone, recreation, travel, insurance, school, medicine, entertainment, gifts, transportation (cars) and grooming needs: hair, manicures, pedicures, body and facial massages Etc.

I realize that money actually has a life, yes it is alive. It possesses, atoms which is held together by electrons, neutrons and protons, every exchange that takes place in the monies life is and act of giving something to get something and thereby creating more atoms to be dispersed and spread though-out the atmosphere; having a healthy respect for money and its uses, I hold, as an important entity next to God in honor.

Do you fold your money, or do you crinkle it up and force it into your pocket or purse. I lay my paper money flat, all facing in the same direction, with the denominations going from < >. I will count what I carry if I am going out to make sure of how much I have, as not to overspend.

However, If I see a pair of shoes that cost, let’s say one-hundred dollars and they are on sale for forty-five dollars, I may or (may not), depending on my mood, whip out the old credit card, purchase them and feel guilty until I hear, “Where did you get those shoes? They are nice.”

I know how much money I have in the bank as liquid and non – liquid, as in stocks and bonds. I pay attention to my money and I let it know at all times it is important to me. I seek blessings for the money, I meditate to receive more money and I thank the Universe for the money that I already have.

I am not a selfish lover of money, when there is a need and I can help without putting myself in dire straits, I will enact charity. For me it is a must and part of my formula to receive abundance. The laws of money are giving and receive; receive and give, then receive again. A perpetual current and why money is called currency. You want more money, give more money and more money you will have.

The entire Universe operates from this principle. Think of the chemical make-up of water it can exist, as a solid, gas, or liquid and no matter what it cannot deplete, only change form. When it rains it gives life to plants hidden beneath the earth’s soil. The plants know and expect to receive moisture, because like all living matter it is conscious and possesses memory.

Once the moisture reaches the warm soil feeding it and working together with oxygen and hydrogen the plant begins to grow, breaking through the earths’ soil. The sun gives its warmth and the plant openly receives it, giving us the pleasure of its green grass and symmetrical designed flowers, painted with Mother Nature’s brush from her color pallet and  we receive its beauty, brightening our day.



  1. Liked you did a little physics class over here, protones, electrones, neutrones, yep all particles. You are made of particles too.

    My realtionship with money, thank God I have learned something that is called SAVING. And be RESPONSIBLE with my money, although it is little and my banck account is under the matress. Quite lieterally by the way. Long story.

  2. Where do you live again?…….LOL It does not matter how much $s you have it is what you do with what you have in order for it to multiply without much effort…Respect money and it will respect you. Remember it has memory. 🙂

  3. Money is just a number in our bank accounts, unless we use it, it will be wasted on something you didn’t want to spend in the first place 🙂 I do like savings as well, and we should spend it within moderation 🙂 rule of thumb, keep $1.0 million for emergencies and rest you can spend 😉

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