Chapter 12
By Clover Jernesy
The chef saw the two officers standing against the wall and approached them holding two cups of coffee, packs of sugar and cream .“Good morning officers, would you like some coffee?” The officers stopped talking and returned the greeting thanking him. Shelton took the cream and sugar and Maslo only the coffee. “Have you gotten any closer to finding whom killed Homa?” asked the chef. “No the investigation is still ongoing, “said Officer Maslow “I see, hope you catch him soon, have a good day.”
“Thanks again for the coffee.” Said Shelton “Don’t mention it.” Replied the chef, as he returned to his duties behind the counter.
Medley was sitting with her head down and very quiet; seemingly unaware of what was going on around her. Everyone noticed and this was not the joke telling, laughing; an always giving an encouraging word to help uplift a downtrodden soul. When Officer Shelton witnessed breakfast was over, she went over to Medley, bending down to look into Medley’s face. “Good Morning Medley” Officer Shelton said. “Can we speak with you?” Medley looks up, her face showed no emotion. Officer Shelton saw a distinct difference in Medleys face and demeanor. It was, as if meeting a stranger for the first time.
Officer Shelton looks over at Maslow concerned, and then looks back. “Medley we have some good news for you.” Medley looked at Officer Shelton with intense rage in her eyes that came through her voice. “You caught the Son-of-a -Bitch who killed Homa and almost killed Fawn?” Officer Shelton puts her hand on Medley’s knee and stands. “No Medley, we have gotten Child Services to allow you to have custody of Fawn, as a foster parent until they can locate a relative.
Those words breathed life back into Medley’s eyes. “WHAT! Are you kidding me? Of course not, you would not be kidding about something like this; when, how. Now standing, when can I see Fawn? Oh Lord, can this really be happening?” Medley falls to her knees, raising her hands ups, rocking back and forth, tears welling up in her eyes, she drops her head, saying “thank you, thank you, Lord Almighty thank you!
Shelton looks at Maslo with tears in her eyes and sees Maslo wiping his and smiling. “Medley there is a lot of paperwork that must be filled out for Social Services, Building Bridges the courts and Habitat for Humanity.” A HOUSE! We’re getting a house? Oh shit! Now Officer Shelton and Maslo are laughing, happy to see the Hell-Cat is back. Katherine and Rosie are standing on the opposite end of the room hugging, smiling and crying at the good news they are hearing for Medley and Homa’s little girl Fawn.
“Oh!” said, Officer Shelton looking at Maslo and gesturing her head for him to go. Officer Maslo gets it, he goes to the car and returns with boxes, bags and what looked like a wardrobe carrier. Medley starts Officer Shelton. “The folks at Building Bridges and our precinct, got together and bought you some clothes and other things for your meetings” and hands them to Medley. Medley holds out her hands and takes the bags and boxes. Medley is speechless. Officer Shelton asked Katherine and Rosie, “Ladies would you please assist Medley in getting dressed; we have one- hour and forty-five minutes to get downtown.” Say Officer Maslo. While the two officers sit down and wait. The chef having witness all the goings on fixed the Officers breakfast.
In the bathroom Medley is stripped down to her birthday suit, free from those oversized, mismatched unattractive men’s coverings. She washes herself with the fragrant body wash and shampoos her hair; she smells, as fresh, as a new born baby. Medley lotions her body, as her Queen’s court lays-out the new clothes that she will be dawning for the day. She puts on the pair of white laced panties and matching bra that fits, uplifting her not so perky breast. Medley closed her eyes to take in and feel the silkiness against her skin; and thinks how long has it been since; she has felt the texture of new and delicate lingerie.
“How did they know what size I wear?” Next she put on a pair of black textured stockings, Rosie unzipped the Wardrobe carrier. Inside was a greenish grey, wool pant suit, a purple long sleeved blouse with layered panels on the front. Katherine exclaimed, this is beautiful and Rosie in agreement, said “yes it is.” Katherine said, “Before we put the jacket on, let’s do something with that hair. “Here is the rubber band said Medley.” “No rubber bands today,” said Katherine.
Brushing Medley’s hair down the back and around the sides Medley’s hair lay straight, but was straggly looking. Rosie said “wait a minute.” She goes to the kitchen and asked the chef, if he has a pair of scissors? Rosie takes the scissors and begins to even out Medley’s stringy hair, into a nice straight bob. All three women are standing, looking in the mirror at the pretty woman that is staring back in amazement and having the pleasure of meeting her, for the first time, in two and a half years.
The long wide box Katherine opens and takes out a pair of black boots, mid-calf, with a low flattering wedged heel. Medley says, I don’t understand how they knew my sizes everything fits and comfortably.’ Rosie opens the last box which is large and heavy. Oh, wow! Medley look, Rosie brings out, a long ankle length, dark blue wool over coat, with large cuffed sleeves round black buttons and a cowl neck collar.
“Oh my,” says Medley, wait, wait. I want to put on some make-up. Medley digs in her black bag and finds her pink lip gloss and eye-brow pencil. She puts on her suit jacket and then the coat. She puts her hands in the pockets and feels something a long, but slender box and opens it. A watch lying on top, a pair of black wool gloves, Medley puts them on.
Rosie and Katherine step back to look at her. “Medley you look beautiful.” Katherine with tears in her eyes says, “I am so happy for you,” Rosie and Katherine come close and give their friend a hug and now all three are spurting tears of joy. Ok, let’s get all these things up. Medley you go on, you don’t want to be late. We will keep your things and you can come get them later, now go.” said Katherine. When Medley comes out and walks toward the officers they stand and no longer are they seeing a homeless person, but a well-dressed and confident lady.
“Ms. Elliott, you look fabulous.” said Officer Maslo. Officer Shelton, knew what she had felt about Medley, was true and without question and was now ready to make sure her life, was going to be better from this point forward. “Medley, I have no words, but to say you are gorgeous and smell good too.” Medley feeling humbled gave Officer Shelton and Officer Maslo a hug of sincere gratitude and said.
“Thank you, it is because of you this is happening; I can’t thank you enough for what you have done for Fawn and me. I will be forever indebted to you.” Medley said. “No Officer Spec – 4, we along, with this country are indebted to you.” Said Officer Maslo, “Now let’s get these papers signed and to the court house, so you can bring Fawn home.” said Officer Maslo.


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