Working a Home-Based Business


Summary: Many people are beginning to work from home in various fields to earn money online.Unfortunately, without a strategic plan, there will be those who will go about spinning their wheels, only to find the 24 hours in a day have been wasted and the entrepreneur is left feeling overwhelmed and frustrated.


If you are an On-line Network or Social Media Marketer, I would assume you have heard the buzz- phrase “You Must Develop the Right Mind Set.” You are then told to dedicate a certain amount to self – development time for (prayer, meditate, physical exercise and reading).

Once you have read about others who have gained success through self-development… you can begin to practice and incorporate these same principles in your business. For myself I have to be organized without clutter on my desk for I am on the computer and at my desk working my online business Feeder Matrix. A company that is growing by leaps and bounds, selling member to member down-loadable software and can be joined for a little as $1.75.

The area where I am going to be working has to be clean and everything in its place, or I will have chaotic thoughts that do not flow in a purposeful direction. Instead, I will think of what has to be done, as far, as chores; taking precious time away from my business goals.

I attended a webinar and a very smart organized lady gave us some very useful information on how to stay focused on our daily task while working from home. When I think about it today, I can make sense out of why, we get so much done while away from the home and working in an office; this is all we have to think about – getting our bosses work done before the business day’s end.

There are no loads of clothes, or a sink full of dishes that have to be placed in the (dish) washer and no beds to be made or vacuuming, taking out the trash, preparing lunch, running to the store to buy dinner or a husband that feels his needs are of significant priority, if he is home during your working from home business hours.

*So this webinar was high on my agenda to attend, I am so grateful that I did. As It relates to my Online Network – Marketing career with Feeder Matrix that sells downloadable software and can be joined for as little as $1.75., keeps me online for hours at a time.I am sure there are others out there that may find value in this information.



1).For One Week: Think about what has to be done… Put your next day’s to do list in writing, preferably in a day planner and allocate it in chronological order the time you will give each task.

2). Stay focused on that list. Once it is written for that week “DO NOT” alters it and Do Not Make a Separate list. If a new projects comes up during the day; then do put it on another (projected to do list) and giving it a date to complete, after your initial task.

3). on each side of the list write down the date, when it is actually due, not when you want it completed.

4). Get yourself a Timer. I use a cooking timer, but you can use the timer or alarm on your phone or on your computer

5). Set the timer in 30 to 60 min. increments, work the full time without stopping. When the time is up, and then move on to the next task no matter what You will have time later to come back and finish it. The reason for this; your thoughts will remain fresh and you will not become overwhelmed performing one task.

6). Make sure you take a five to ten minute break -between task, drink lots  of water, eat a light snack (carrots, celery, cheesed stick, cup of yogurt, apple, energy bar etc.

7). Relax and treat yourself to a walk outdoors, gym, sauna, hot tea and a nutritional dinner.

8). Take a nice relaxing bath, Pamper yourself-you deserve it.

9). When preparing to go to rest… make your affirmations for what you want to accomplish in your life and make it plain: See it, feel it and  know it will manifest in your life…GIVE IT A DATE AND DO NOT WAIVER!

10). Thank your Spirit Guide for the Grace that has been place over yours and your family’s life and have a restful sleep.


Ja’Nala Mamdu

Online Network Marketer


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